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28 August 1978

28 Sunday 1978
6:00 pm
Lestrange’s backyard/Avery’s cottage in Hogsmeade

Regulus received the owl during the most unlikely of times. He had been in the middle of a croquet game in Rabastan's backyard against son and father. He had just struck Rabastan's ball away from the whisket, preventing him from striking. Regulus, for someone who had never played before, had sported beginners luck. Regulus was just making a celebratory toast to his croquet genius when a large barn owl swooped down, knocking his beer from his hand. Regulus, angry, threw the can at the bird and kicked the house elf, and then yelled because it knocked his last cigarette into the grass somewhere. Ignoring the laughing he received, he yanked the letter from t he bird and literally threw it off his shoulder. He then swiped at with his mallet for good measure.

After he spent a good twenty minutes running around the yard waving the mallet and screaming at the bird, Regulus took all of three minutes to read the note. Once he did he grew angry, balled up the note, and threw it at the bird that had taken root in a nearby tree. Ignoring the fact it wanted to be tipped, he tramped through the grass towards Rabastan. "I have to go," he told him, and without waiting for a reply, he turned and marched off, swatting at the bird that followed.

Sometime shortly later, Regulus marched up the path to the small cottage, still being followed by the barn owl. Regulus threw his wand out and made several shots at it with a hex, only missing. Satisfied in thinking the bird was gone, Regulus ran up to the small porch and started to bang on the door.

Varian looked up the moment he heard the banging, the first thought coming into his head that Severus was back, but that thought was quickly stifled. Severus would have just walked in, not knocked. Lyland was off the futon like a shot, little tail wagging furiously as he yipped and barked excitedly, dancing around in front of the door. Setting down the record and the note he had been reading over and over, Varian stood up and brushed the longish blond hair out of eyes as he started for the door, finally calling out in an imperious, annoyed voice, "ALRIGHT! ALright, I'm coming!"

Regulus continued to bang his fist on the door, and then stopped long enough to try to shoo the bird away again. "God, can't you GO away?" He called to it, and grabbed a rock from the side of the steps. He threw it at the bird.

Yanking open the door, Varian looked at Regulus with all the appearance of being extremely annoyed at being interrupted. "What do you want, Black? I'm busy," he said arrogantly, successfully masking the fact that he was actually still quite on edge.

Regulus was just tossing another rock, only this time the rock hit the side of the cottage, followed by the smash of glass. Regulus immediately grimaced. "There's an owl-" he stated, pointing upwards, and then looked up. He stepped back onto the dirt trail and spun around. There was no bird in sight. "There was an owl... Was that your window?" He squinted upwards, his mouth slightly open, curiously.

Hearing the smash of glass breaking did absolutely nothing for Varian's nerves, and he stepped outside quickly, peering up at the attic window. Sure enough - there was a big jagged hole in the glass. "You're going to bloody pay for that!" he hissed, whirling around and grabbing Regulus' arm, the look on his face far more angry than a simple broken window should have caused. "What the fuck are you on about, coming here and banging on my door, breaking my fucking windows, huh? SPEAK!"

Regulus's eyes bugged out, growing wide as serving platters as he was yanked. "It was an owl..." he continued to protest, and out of the corner of his he SAW the brown beast flutter from tree to settle on the roof of the cottage.

"I don't care about your bleeding issues with some stupid OWL, tell me what the fuck you want and get out of here!" Varian demanded, his body language making it clear that, if he had the height to do it, he would have been all up in Regulus' face about this.

Regulus looked down at the shortish elf man, and arched his eyebrows up, as if unsure what he was yelling about. "But the owl. Its on your roof now," Regulus replied dumbly, and then winced at the fact Varian was trying to get into his face. Regulus pushed back against him, as if trying to knock him away. "Listen, I need to see Snape." He replied.

"Well, he's not here right now!" Varian spat out, backing off immediately and turning around. "He took off a half hour ago!" He was not about to discuss Severus's whereabouts with Black, and he was not about to get into a fight with someone twice his size.

"Where!" Regulus called out to Varian's back. "Where did he go? Why? Why WOULD he go when I was coming here to look for him?" He called out, and found himself staring upwards. The owl now looked dark and sinister looking on the roof, letting out a deep hooot that seemed less like owl and more nightmarish. Regulus immediately scrambled, his mind racing, and actually overtook Avery, getting to the door of the cottage and slipping in.

"Why do YOU care?" he called back, raising his eyes to look up wide eyed at the owl sitting on the roof of his cottage. Okay, that was creepy, why was RODOLPHUS'S owl sitting on his - his blood ran cold as he remembered how much time Walden and Rodolphus had been talking and plotting together for the last little while, particularly about this plot to get Blackwell out of the country for good. An involuntary shiver coursed through him and he shook himself, running into the cottage and slamming the door shut, leaning against it and demanding dangerously, "Black, WHY are you looking for Severus?"

Regulus stood there, in the center of the cottage, staring. He stared at the fireplace, and then the piles of objects and antiquities. He found himself staring at a life size Knight's Armour set in the far corner. "I.. huh?" He said, looking over his shoulder and then down at Varian.

Taking a deep breath, Varian felt his heart pounding hard inside his chest, as if he'd just run a marathon, feeling more nervous and even worried now. He prided himself on the fact that his voice didn't waver or shake in the slightest as he drew himself up straight, folding his arms in front of his chest and said imperiously, "I SAID - WHY are you looking for Severus Snape? You never came by for a chat before."

Regulus arched his eyebrows and turned to face him. "Ah well... beautiful home you have here," he replied, scratching his middle finger along the side of his nose. His stark white shirt and trousers and loafers made him look strange in the dim dull light of the cottage. "Uh.. right. Well I have to chat him up for a second. Personal matter really."

"Well, I TOLD you, he's NOT here," he said tersely, growing even more suspicious as the conversation dragged on. "And DON'T ask ME where he is, do you think he tells ME where he goes? 'Course not!" At this point, Varian didn't care where Severus was, just so long as it was far from the reach of someone who would hurt him. He didn't want to hurt the boy, he wanted to keep him close, and didn't want to share him with anyone.

Regulus blinked slowly at him and then backed a step away from him until the back of his shins hit the bed. He winced, not expecting it to be there. "Okay.. Okay... You're PMSing, I got it. Just... be cool, man. Breath." Regulus stated, not really sure how to handle an over emotional person like this.

"PM - PMSING?!" Varian yelled out, eyes going wide for a second before immediately narrowing dangerously. He dropped his fists to his sides, and started towards Regulus as he snapped out, "DO I LOOK like a bloody WOMAN to you!? Don't you EFFING tell me I'm... PMSING!"

Regulus leaned back on the futon, mostly to get away from him without having to physically get up to get away from him. His eyes shot up into his hair. "Are you.. sure?" he said back quietly.

"YES!" came an aggravated cry, and then Varian turned and slammed his fists down into the thin mattress on the futon beside Regulus and glared. "Why don't you go bloody FIND him, if you need to speak to him SO badly, huh? And leave me alone! You and your bloody owl!" There was a small yip, and a moment later, Lyland had jumped onto the futon again, coming over to sniff at Regulus and look at Varian with head tilted curiously.

Regulus's eyes widened. "That's not MINE! Its the DEVIL!" He cried, hands swiping out in exaggerated motion, which also resulted in him knocking the dog off the bed. The dog fell to the floor with a whine, and then scrambled up on its feet.

"Lyland!" Varian yelped immediately, scrambling to make sure the small canine was alright, picking him up and holding the wiggling animal close to him. "You better not have hurt him, or I'll bloody well hurt YOU, Black," Varian grumbled, sitting on the futon facing AWAY from Regulus, petting the dog soothingly.

Regulus blinked, finding that he had no idea there WAS a something called Lyland in the room. He sat there staring stupidly before looking over his shoulder at Varian's back. "I didn't see him. It was an accident."

"That's RIGHT!" Varian declared, turning his head slightly when the dog leaned up to lick at his face. After another minute, he turned around slightly and arched one eyebrow beneath the fall of bleached blond hair. "Well, aren't you GONE yet?" he asked haughtily, seemingly over his little hissy fit from before.

Regulus glanced back over his shoulder at him, arching his eyebrows. "Obviously I'm still here." He turns more, eyeing the dog. "When did you get that?"

"Yesterd- what the f- why are you STILL here? You were the one who needed to see Severus, so go away and find him!" Varian said in annoyance, turning back around in a show of ignoring the younger man.

After a moment, without turning around, Varian added, "And when you find him, tell him to bring me something to eat, I'm hungry."

"I was ORDERED too, doesn't mean I wan-what? Pardon?" Regulus said, his jaw dropping. "You better give me money then."

"ORDERED? Who ORDERED you to talk to Seve- just what in blazes WERE your orders?!" Varian demanded, twisting around again on the bed, the menace in his expression rather offset by the fact he was still hugging his dog, who's tail was just a-wagging from the attention.

"Why, you want them?" Regulus asked, smirking now. "You better give me money or you'll starve. And have to eat Skipper here." he pointed at the dog.

Varian shifted back away, as if to shelter his dog from Regulus' view, and turned his head just enough to catch Regulus' gaze as he said warningly, "You lay one finger on my dog, and and you'll be eating your own finger! Just tell me what they were. Now."

"Maybe." Regulus said and pulled himself up from the bed. He stretched his arms up and scratched the top of his head. "Do you have any chocolate?"

"NO, I don't," Varian said, sounding incredibly pissy yet again. He stood up, letting Lyland down onto the futon before walking into the kitchen and opening up the ice box on the off chance that there would be something in there that he'd be able to eat without having to cook.

The moment Avery walked away, Regulus leaned down and scooped up the dog. Ignoring its small growl, he started to pet its head heavily with his hand. It took only a minute, but the dog started to lick his fingers. "Why don't YOU tell ME why I'd be ordered to speak to Snape?" He called out into the kitchen.

"HOW the hell should I know?" Varian called out angrily, knowing that it was likely his own fault. He just... had to keep reminding himself that he'd done the right thing. He HAD. So long as they didn't do anything to hurt Severus. He knew he could... get the younger man to come around. Whenever Severus came back, anyway. "I'm not the one who gave the orders, AM I?"

"Right, how the hell would you know?" Regulus said, and attempted to slip the dog in his oversized trouser pocket, and then made a face when the dog wouldn't fit. "So if I say, seal him up in the cave, you wouldn't be.. you know... upset by it, would you?"

"WHAT?!" In an instant, Varian was at the doorway, staring at Regulus in close to horror. That was NOT what he'd wanted to happen when he gave Walden that information. "WHY the hell would you do that? I ne - what the fuck will happen to the band if you do th- WHO gave you your orders??"

Regulus, who immediately pushed the squirming dog behind his back, plastered on a fake smile as he looked at Avery. He was okay until the dog peed, dribbling liquid down the back of Regulus's trousers. This made Regulus's face twist oddly.

"You aren't answering me!" he groused, then frowned at Regulus and took a step back out into the main room. With a suspicious expression at the look on the younger man's face, Varian demanded, "WHERE is my dog?"

Regulus blinked. "What dog?" He felt the wiggling animal in his now slick hands.

Letting out a rather frustrated wordless yell, Varian finally gave up trying to bully Regulus with words and marched determinedly to where he kept his wand, picking it up and whirling around, stalking back over to shove it right up against Regulus’ nose. "ANSWER. MY GODDAMN. QUESTIONS!" he yelled.

Regulus tilted his head back, feeling the pressure of the wand against his nose. His eyes were wide and staring at him, and he opened his mouth to say something when there was a small whine. Only the whine didn't come from him, it came from Lyland, who wiggled out of Regulus's hands and dropped to the floor. He shook himself out and started to sniff around.

"LYLAND!" Without a warning, Varian pulled back, and went to inspect the tiny dog, making sure that the creature was alright. When he'd satisfied himself that nothing untoward had happened to his dog, he turned back to Regulus and said snidely, "You're DAMNED lucky you didn't hurt him, or I would have had to curse you. Now. WHO gave you your orders, and WHY?" He just needed to make sure it wasn't Walden. Though how he would deal with that if it HAD been, he didn't know.

Regulus wrinkled his nose and tried to step away, which resulted in him falling down onto the bed. He threw his hands up, mostly to cover his head. "LeSTRANGE!" He called out, fearful that Avery would shot his balls off, and pushed his hands down to cover his groan. "NOT MY BALLS!" He cried out.

Varian let out the breath he'd been holding, only finding relief in that news for a moment before anger filled him again. This had to be just another plot against him and Severus, he found himself thinking . It had to be, there was no other explanation, Rodolphus Lestrange had been absolutely horrid to the both of them for nigh on a month now, and this was just the last straw. "I'm not going to hex your balls off, you idiot!" he snapped in disgust, holding Lyland closer to him in one arm and murmuring to the dog in an attempt to calm himself down a bit. Not bloody likely.

Regulus let out a breath, a loud one, of relief. "And you're not going to blow my head off either, right?"

"NO!" Varian snapped, trying to decide what to do. On the one hand, he really didn't know where Severus had gone, so he wouldn't have been able to help Regulus much anyway. On the other hand, he didn't WANT to help, and he also didn't want to be seen as impeding the boy in his search... Maybe give him false information, but there was always the chance that wherever he suggested Regulus look, Severus MIGHT actually be there. But... well, it was a chance he was going to have to take, and just hope that Severus didn't get caught. Taking a deep breath, Varian turned his face away, stroking Lyland behind the ears as he finally said in a somewhat snippy tone, "I told you before, I don't know where he is, alright? But he might be... he might be... oh blast, what's the name of that club?"

"Club?" Regulus said, and then randomly picked one. "Spartan Club?" The name of a well known underground queer club.

"A music club, you idiot!" Varian shot Regulus an annoyed look and set Lyland down before standing back up, snipping out, "He goes to this club that houses concerts for underground bands, I just can't remember what it's called - the 100 club or something, look it up. He might be there. Just get out of my bloody cottage!"

"Why would a band be under the ground?" Regulus asked, trying to pull himself up from the bed, avoiding the wand that's still pointing his way. Not one to take chances, Regulus lounged for Avery, tackling him at the waist, knocking him down to the floor. He then went for the wand.

"What the f- AAACK!" Varian let out a rather girlish scream as he was caught off guard, finding himself almost pinned to the floor under Regulus' weight. "GETOFF!" he screamed angrily, immediately starting to kick at the bigger man as much as he could, twisting and wriggling as he tried to get free, and stretching as much as he could to keep his wand out of Regulus' reach. No way could he cast anything to actually hit Regulus right now, unless he was willing to risk hitting himself.

Regulus pushed his shoulder down against Varian, putting as much weight on him as he could and reached for the wand. "Let go... of it!" He cried out as he attempting to shove his hand in Avery's face and fingers up his nose.

Varian let out an angry, incoherent cry at the added pressure put on him, rendering him incapable of getting free, and the sudden fear of being rendered immobile once again made him struggle even harder, shoving at Regulus as hard as he could with his free hand while attempting to bite hard at the other man's fingers. He wasn't going to just let Regulus take his wand, not without a fight. Even though he was so tiny Black could have snapped him in two easily.

Regulus let out a scream and his body shifted but his hand remained steadfast in Avery's mouth. Regulus twisted himself until he was sitting on the wooden floor nest to Avery and yanked his hand from him. Once free, he cradled his hand against himself, seeing Avery had in fact broken skin and there were signs of bleeding in every other tooth mark. "Are you BLOODY INSANE?" Regulus cried out, mostly yelling, and proceeded to make a half-powered side kick at Avery's knee, connecting with his chin. The dog was hopping and yapping at him, attempting to grab his shirt sleeve with his small mouth. Regulus heaved another side kick with his heel, connecting with Avery's knee. "Idiot!" he breathed and pressed the back of his hand to his mouth, sucking on his wounds like a child.

"I know," Regulus said, in-between sucks on his hand. He then reached over and ran his fingers through Avery's hair, intently messing it up even more. He then chuckled, like it was some sort of joke. The more he touched Avery, the more the hobbitish man seemed to curl up in a ball. "I'm not hurting you NOW, you know." Regulus announced, and continued to noogie him.

"STOP.  TOUCHING.  ME," Varian practically wailed, cringing away from Regulus, and... really making more of a big deal about it than he likely should.  Why was he always getting beat up?  Sucking in a deep breath, he gingerly tested his knee again, another whimper escaping him from the slight pain, and he groused out, "The FUCK was that for?!"  An unintentional echo of something Severus said sometimes.

"I'm NOT, Touching. YOU!" Regulus echoed, and then snickered when Avery tried to move away. He leaned over and playfully poked Varian right in the middle of his back. He then grabbed Varian's belt to drag him back, forcing the smaller man to half sit in his lap.

"LET me GO, Black, I mean it!" Varian yelped, eyes widening as he half twisted around to smack at Regulus, trying to squirm AWAY from him. What the fuck was going on? He wasn't up for this... what EVER it was.

Regulus attempted to wrap his arm around Varian and proceeded to give him a hard noogie, scraping his bruised knuckles against Varian's sensitive scalp. "No." he said simply.

"What the fuck is your problem?!" Varian grouched at him, still attempting to wriggle from the younger man's grasp, as well as trying to push Regulus' hand away from his hair. "I thought you had bloody ORDERS!"

"And i thought you had a vagina, so we're both wrong." Regulus announced playfully and gave Avery a strong shove towards the futon, since he was trying to go that way anyway.

Not expecting Regulus to let go, and more, not expecting him to SHOVE him towards the futon, Varian went sprawling headlong into the floor with a yelp. After he'd pushed himself up, he looked back at Regulus with wide eyes before loudly saying, "I don't have a vagina, you little twat!"

"I don't know, you might be lying." Regulus said with a grin and grabbed Varian by his front and half lifted him from the floor, where he had been crouching. "Let's find out!" And pushed him onto the futon.

Before Varian could even react, very faintly, there was the sound of a rather ominous sounding 'hoooooooot', and then a voice speaking loudly through the door, "Get lost, you freakish excuse for an owl!" And the door opened a moment later, only to show a tall figure appearing in the door, tugging off a long leather trench coat without even looking around at first.

Regulus was poised half over Avery, one hand clenching the waistband of his trousers, his other hand back in Avery;s hair, clenching it. His head lurched up, and he stared wide eyed at the door.

Lyland, the dog, immediately started to bark, keeping his distance from Severus this time.

Varian, hearing the voice, and the ensuing noise from Lyland, found himself panicking internally, even more than he had been before, and he immediately tried to shove at the younger man again as he yelled, "What are you DOING, fucking LET GO OF ME!"

Regulus flinched at Varian screaming right in his face, the man's voice piercing his ear drums in an unpleasant way. He had yet to remove his hand from the other man's waist, but he draw a hand back, pressing his palm on Varian's front. Regulus let out a soft "Shhhhh....." as if trying to calm him down. "Shhhh...."

Severus, already turning to glare at the dog, instead whirled around to where the yell had come from, and found himself staring blankly for a moment at the scene before him, not fully comprehending what was going on... he kind of recognized the man leaning over the bed, but - oh fuck, was that what it looked - "What in the mother FUCKING HELL is going on?" he said loudly, a frown on his face as he started to stride over to the futon, anger starting to slip back into him at this.

Varian, by this point, was staring wide eyed, eyes darting around frantically for a way to escape even though he knew instinctively that there was no way he could overpower Regulus. The kid was practically a GIANT, and he'd always been tiny. His panic was altogether complete, and he tried to bring his legs up so he could kick at the younger man, still shoving and now punching at Regulus, not even really seeing REGULUS, but... his brother.

Regulus jerked back at seeing and hearing Severus come towards them. Releasing Avery, Regulus stumbled back, knocking into a pile of things, practically sitting down. He then, in a panic, pulled himself up and attempted to dart into the space between Severus and another pile of junk.

The dog was barking like mad, and ran right up to start snarling and tugging at the bottom of Severus's leather coat. Once he had the hem in his mouth, he shook his head back and forth, growling.

"Hey - HEY!" Not this aGAIN - he was going to have a heart attack if he had to stay in this house with a DOG. Dancing back a bit, Severus tried to control the initial panic trigger as he grabbed a handful of the coat and yanked, trying to get the dog to let go of it. He glanced up helplessly at Varian's slumped (and thankfully, fully clothed) figure on the futon before glancing down at the dog, dancing back aGAIN as the animal refused to let go.

Varian turned onto his side, curling into a protective ball as he shook uncontrollably, finding that he was starting to feel light headed as he tried to control his breathing. A small whimper escaped him as he tried to convince himself that nothing had happened, nothing had been GOING to happen - it wasn't all of the things he had done coming back to haunt him, after all.

Regulus, feeling cornered and unable to run for the door, immediately twisted back around and made it back to the futon. Between the barking dog and Snape's yelling, he was confused and lost/ Regulus literally jumped onto the futon mattress, feeling the thing shift under his heavy weight. Regulus got two steps when he stopped, and looked down at Avery. "Whoa.. wait, you alright?" He asked, right before there was a "SNAP!" and the entire bed caved in and fell to the ground, buckling in on itself.

The dog was gripping to the jacket by way of his teeth, and growled even as Severus yanked it from him. When the jacket lifted, the dog came with it until he was half dangling from Severus's coat.

"Varian, your fucking dog is trying to kill me!" Severus found himself exclaiming as his expression twisted oddly. It would be hard to tell just what was going through his head as he hastily lowered the coat where he gripped it, and tried to shrug out of the jacket quickly. Yeah. He was THAT scared of even such a small dog.

Just as he heard that, Varian felt the extra weight on the futon again, and started to scramble out of the way as much as he could before he heard a SNAP! With a high pitched, girlish scream, he, Regulus, and the entire bed collapsed, and he found himself laying sprawled out on his stomach on the only part of the futon that wasn't completely destroyed, Regulus' weight once more on top of him.

Regulus's head hit the wooden floor with a sickening thud, one that sounded like bone and meat crunching. Regulus's body was heavy on Avery's back until it rolled over onto the floor thanks to the weight of the mattress knocking it just so. Only his shoulder was on Avery, but Regulus wasn't moving. Nor was he making any noises.

As the jacket fell to the floor, nearly on top of the dog, Severus turned in time to see the bed collapse. What the FUCK was going on? Everything was just going crazy today, he found himself thinking, more than a little overwhelmed by everything as he rushed over to check on both Regulus and Varian. When it was clear that Regulus was out cold, Severus said hurriedly to Varian, "Man, what the HELL is going on? Are you okay??"

Varian, who felt the mattresses' weight on his legs, let out a small pained groan. He tried to push himself up, and stopped to push Black's shoulder off of him. "Get it OFF of me!" He growled, and made a weak swipe at the mattress, hitting it instead of pushing it off of himself. "Don't just STAND there!"

The only thing Severus could do was stare, trying to sort through his own feelings at the moment, and after a moment, he moved slowly to move the mattress off of his lover, hardly able to believe he had actually been considering letting Varian try and do it himself. It wasn't like that would do anything but piss Varian off, anyway. "Fine, but don't expect me to try helping you if you won't answer me," he said quietly, not even looking at the petite man as he pushed Regulus over a bit more so not even his shoulder was pinning Varian down.

Varian rolled over onto his back, letting out a loud breath of relief, and then sat up to run his hands over his thin legs. When he saw his foot rotate by the ankle, he pressed his eyes closed, and mumbled something to himself that could of been a prayer of thanks. He then opened his eyes and looked upward, seeing Severus staring down at him, his hair dangling limp over one shoulder and in his eyes. Varian nodded slightly. "I'm fine," he said and then looked ot his side and poked Regulus, who remained motionless. "Him... he.. he came to.. hurt me." Varian said, not quite looking his lover in the eyes. "He's crazed!"

At that, Severus sighed, feeling overall drained by everything. He kept his eyes on Varian, not entirely trusting him now, considering what the man had said before Severus had left, and he caught the fact that Varian wouldn't quite look him in the eye. He didn't call the man on it, though, merely holding out a hand as he stood, to help Varian up. "Then what are you going to do? Or we, whichever... you prefer."

Varian rolled his eyes up to him, looking for a moment annoyed. That disappeared as he slapped his hand into Severus's and pulled himself up to stand. "Besides killing him, you mean?" He stated flatly, and then delivered a sharp kick to Regulus's backside, and then again, his face boiling red with anger. "THAT'S FOR TRYING TO RAPE ME YOU SICK FUCK!" He screamed mad, like he became a different person, and started to stamp his foot on Regulus's unconscious body, causing him to turn over.

It was when Varian saw the blood seeping from a large cut on the unconscious man's forehead Varian stopped, frozen. It was seeing blood that made his knees start to buckle and he felt faint.

As soon as Varian began kicking at Regulus, Severus reached for him, attempting to pull him away, and thankfully, Varian stopped after a moment, though he seemed to grow heavy in Severus' arms almost immediately. "Varian! What-" he started to ask as he glanced down, alarmed by the seemingly violent mood swings he'd just gone through. He cut off abruptly, though, at seeing the bleeding cut on Regulus' forehead. "Shiiiit..."

Varian leaned back against Severus. "Blood... I can't.." he mumbled, feeling his light-headedness return.

That was when there was an odd groaning sound coming from Regulus, who seemed to be moving. His movements were nothing more than his head rocking one way than the other.

"So don't look," Severus said quietly, feeling scarily calm about all of this as he wrapped his arms tightly around his lover, making sure he didn't fall or anything. "What do you want to do - and DON'T say kill him yet." He didn't want to kill anyone right now, thanks.

"I want.. I want... I'm going to vomit," Varian said quietly, feeling his body shiver with just THINKING about blood. On anyone. He huddled against Severus, any thought of the earlier argument pushed away for now. "Fucker broke my bed.." he mumbled.

"Varian...." Looking down at the petite man nestled in his arms, Severus felt the need to keep his expression carefully neutral (he didn't want Varian to see anything of his conflict about all of this) as he said in that same quiet, calm hush, "What do we do about Regulus?"

Varian took several short breathes and seemed to be trying to compose himself. He slowly found his footing and was able to stand on his own, and separated himself from Severus slightly. Varian didn't say anything at first, and then pulled away from his lover completely, only to kneel down by Regulus. Leaning on one knee, Varian's gaze swept over Regulus and then he looked back over his shoulder at the taller man, his own wide eyes staring up at him, bloodshot as if from crying, which he wouldn't admit to either way. His blonde hair fell into his face, some caught in the corner of his mouth. "We tie him up." Varian stated, not as a question.

Regulus's eyes moved under his heavy closed lids, and he let out another throaty groan, feeling pain somewhere.

"Before he wakes up," Varian added.

Severus finally glanced to Regulus, then back to Varian as he asked in a bland tone, "With what, do you suggest?" Perhaps a too bland tone, as a slightly arched eyebrow gave away that he had an idea of what Varian would suggest.

Varian was staring at Regulus again, taking strides to not look anywhere near the now dried bloody gash on the man's forehead. He seemed more lost in staring at the body, as if spacing out slightly. Severus's question brought him back and he stood up slowly. "With our rope." He stated in the same commanding voice. "And get me those handcuffs of yours, too. I'm going to make sure he can't run away. After what he pulled." And Varian delivered another sharp kick at Regulus, nearly knocking himself off balance as he did.

Severus just looked at Varian for a long moment, watching as the man delivered another kick to Regulus' side as he debated silently with himself whether to just do it or refuse and make Varian do it instead. Finally, he DID go to retrieve the 'requested' items from where they were generally kept, coming back and depositing them right beside Varian. "You know what you're doing more than I do," he explained when Varian looked up at him again.

Varian blinked slowly, and then the muscles of his jaw clenched and relaxed. "You did pretty well yourself the other night, with those handcuffs that is." Varian stated as if teasing him, but managed to keep a straight face. He yanked the rope, and, half straddling Regulus, facing the man's feet, Varian started to hog tie him, or as best as he knew how. Varian didn't have a whole lot of experience with this. "Get his hands, handcuff them," he ordered as he worked on binding the legs and feet.

Severus looked away, cheeks burning hot at the reminder of that night - not that it had been bad, quite the opposite, but he wasn't exactly secure enough in himself to take the teasing in stride. Yet. "Right, then..." he mumbled, shifting to more readily reach the young man on the floor, and picked up the cuffs with a sneaking glance at Varian. This would be a first, not using the cuffs during - yeah. His face burned even hotter at that as he frowned and ducked his head, first unlocking one side of the cuffs, and then lifting Regulus' upper body up a bit before reaching around awkwardly to grip at Regulus' wrist and pull his arm under his body, giving him the opportunity to snap the cuffs tightly onto that wrist. "This just feels odd," Severus commented quietly as he unlocked the other side.

"So was having this ass on top of me trying to rip my trousers off." Varian replied flatly as he shifted to squat by Regulus now instead of over him, triple tying the rope, or trying too. One thing was proved that other night, Varian couldn't tie tight knots if he tried. On top of it, out of both frustration, anxiety, and probably tiredness, Varian's hands were shaking. "GOOD LORD FUCK!" He screamed, his voice pitching high and he slammed his fist on Regulus's thigh. "I CAN'T FUCKING TIE THIS!" Varian felt so aggravated that tears were actually forming in the corner of his eyes,, and he sniffed loudly, rubbing his nose on his shirt sleeve. He tried the rope again, mostly fiddled with it.

By that point, Severus had finished his task, and found himself moving over to Varian, wrapping an arm around his lover and reaching out with his other hand to still Varian's fiddling, fingers curling around his as he murmured, "I can do it, it's alright."

Varian blinked, and then let his eyelids drop down and leaned his head back to rest against Severus's body as he felt him move up behind him. He didn't say 'thank you' or any sort of anything, except a breath of air escaped his mouth, like a sigh of relief. When his lover's hand came over his, Varian felt the shaking steady out for the moment, and he swallowed hard. "S.. stupid rope.. won't tie right," he finally said quietly.

Even despite his torn feelings on this whole situation, at that moment, the only thing Severus really felt about this as he looked down at Varian was sympathy for the man. It was so strong that not only did he have a lump in his throat that made it impossible to respond, but he felt unusually guilty about his resentful thoughts, even though he knew Varian wouldn't be able to read his thoughts. So he just didn't say anything, merely leaning down slightly to press a light kiss to Varian's temple, uncaring about the strands of hair that were in the way, and pulled his lover's hands away from the rope. He didn't even make Varian move, either, as he began to tighten up the knots Varian had been trying to make.

"Nice.. and tight..." Varian mumbled, watching his lover work the knots with heavy lidded eyed. "Tighter," he stated, almost like an order. Varian moved his chin up and licked his lips, staring at Severus's jaw line. He then murmured that again: "No.. tiiiighter," he cooed and lightly kissed his strong jaw line.

Swallowing hard at the light brush of lips against his jaw, and the way that tone of voice sent a thrill through him, Severus glanced down at Varian before looking back to what he was doing, hands almost fumbling over his work for a moment before he steadied his hands. He should have realized that by working around Varian, he would have to deal with being distracted. He should have known that by now. "That... good?" he murmured as he finished the last knot, trying to keep his voice steady to hide his reaction a bit.

Regulus let out a groan just then, feeling the rope dig into his skin. His eyelids fluttered open, revealing the whites of his rolled back eyes. 'What... what's going..."

Varian squeezed his eyes shut and mumbled "Make him shut up," as he proceeded to drag his tongue across Severus's jaw line up to his ear.

Considering Regulus was waking up, Severus hadn't been expecting Varian to do anything like that, and he let out a startled gasp, and his body gave a slight involuntary jerk, hands dropping to grip tightly at the younger man's leg without even meaning to.

Regulus rolled his eyes forward and lifted his head, finding himself both disoriented and confused. He went to move his arms and found his hands in metal. He then stared at Severus. "Oy, get yer HAND off of my LEG!" He growled.

Varian pulled his head back enough to glare at Black. "Shut UP," he stated, and then pointed a shaky finger at him. "Gag his mouth!"

"Maybe -" Catching his breath, Severus found himself giving Regulus an annoyed look, though he did quickly remove his hand, not wanting to touch the kid any more than he had to. "Why do I have to do it?" Yeah, here it comes, the excuse of 'you can do it better'.

Varian rolled his eyes back up to Severus and delivered a flat stare. He took a long moment and then replied: "Because I'm going to kill him if you don't."

Regulus immediately let out a shout and tried to rock his body to get away from them. That was when he realized his legs were bound. "WHAT THE HELL?? LET ME GO!!" He screamed bloody murder.

Shit. He was way off there. With a flat tone, Severus said, "Shut the fuck UP, Regulus." And with a similar expression to Varian's, he added, "You're going to have to MOVE if you really want me to do anything."

Varian cocked an eyebrow and pulled himself up and away from Severus. He took his precious time, daintily moving over to the kitchen, where he dragged the old chair in and sat on it. He sat on it in a slumped manner, spreading his legs out in front of him and rested his hand nimbly by his crotch. He tucked his chin down to his sternum, and seemed to watch his lover under the curtain of blonde hair.

Regulus made gurgling noises and tried to slither away, managing to scoot his body across the floor awkwardly. "No... nonono... nononono...t his is not fair!" he cried out.

"Yeah? You know what? I got news for you, kid, life isn't fair," Severus said, now feeling angry again, and making an extreme effort to ignore the feeling of being watched as he grabbed at the links on the cuffs, tugging Regulus back a bit as he glanced around for anything to use as a gag. A second later, he shook his head at himself and drew his wand from a thin pocket on the side of the leg of his jeans that he'd modified specifically FOR that purpose, and shoved the tip against Regulus' neck before uttering a sharp, "Silencio!" Once he was satisfied the spell had worked, he leaned down over the boy, one hand resting against the floor at Regulus back, still clutching the cuffs, and the other clutching his wand as he pressed it palm to the floor on the other side of the younger man's body, leaned over him and brought his mouth right up close to his ear - close enough to feel the slightest breath, but not close enough to touch the other man - and Severus whispered to him, "I've had to find out the hard way. If you haven't learned that by now, you damn well better START learning."

Regulus attempted to scream again, but he only made a gagging noise from his throat. His eyes were wider than ever, and his he was already sweating. He jerked his head away from Severus, and caught sight of Avery watching him. Regulus immediately narrowed his eyes at the other man, and attempted to make a growling noise, which only came out as a small cough. Regulus then shot a look back at Severus, and felt his heart pound in his chest. He realized then that this had all been a play against him. Obviously Rodolphus KNEW Snape would do this to him, and ordering him there had been him nailing the coffin lid shut on Black's funeral. Overcome now with anger at Rodolphus, Regulus did the one thing he could think of to retaliate. He spat at Severus's face.

Varian let out a lazy chuckle at that. "He's a live one, he is." He stated and stroked his fingertips lightly over the bulge in his tight jeans. It was obvious he had a partial hard-on for some reason, and his slender fingers dragged along the sharp line. "He's... pathetic." Varian cooed, edging Severus on.

Sitting back, Severus didn't say anything as he wiped the spit from his face, not overly surprised by it. He had to steel himself to NOT look back at Varian, though - he KNEW that tone of voice. "I'll... have to agree there, coming into someone's house and then trying to MOLEST them is about as pathetic as it gets," he announced loudly, looking down at Regulus with a curious expression - both disdain and... slight skepticism? Well, he only knew what he saw, it was most likely the truth...

Regulus opened his mouth to protest, wanting to yell "I was ORDERED to Find YOU! Avery LED me ON!" But nothing came out but gasping noises. Regulus furrowed his eyebrows and closed his eyes, slamming his head back against the floor, letting out a long breath. He then shuffled his hands in the handcuffs, thinking they were too tight.

"Only one person has the right to molest me..." Varian replied, now rubbing his palm over his bulge, working it in a stroking manner but had yet to unbutton or unzip his jeans. "Why don't you huuuurt him for trying to molest your property?" Varian was trying to edge Severus on.

Hearing that came as such a surprise to Severus that he had twisted around to gape at the man, trying to figure out why the hell Varian seemed to be choosing NOW to say and do this. What had happened to keeping it a SECRET? "Varian, what the - fuck," he finished weakly, looking away. Yep, he'd been right - what the fuck was going ON?

Regulus was breathing hard, and made a few movements with his feet and hands. He brought his joined hands up to scratch at the side of his nose and then started to stare at Severus, almost pleading.

Varian stopped in his movement and leaned forward in his chair, resting his elbows on his thighs and watched them. "We aren't going to let him go." He stated. He then gazed at Severus, eyes flashing annoyance. "Everything I do HAS a REASON!"

"Hmm," Severus murmured noncommittally, looking back at Regulus, now unsure as to what exactly was going on. He frowned when he saw the boy's pleading expression, wishing that he could have just a minute alone with Regulus now to get HIS side if the story. This whole thing... didn't sit right with him. That had partly been his reason for being so loud about his opinion on the molestation issue. "I realize this, Varian," he said in an annoyed tone of voice, deliberately keeping any hint of affection (or anything else like it) OUT of his voice.

"I'll have you KNOW, Black here was ordered to come here." Varian stated, but didn't state why. He then noticed his wand laying no more than foot away on the floor and picked it up. He whimsically waved it in the air and immediately shot a non-verbal hex at Regulus.

Regulus was just trying to sit up with the beam hit him, and his body flailed, shaking and he gurgled. His entire body shook like he was having a seizure, to the point his eyes rolled back and drool dripped from t he corner of his mouth.

Severus had only just started to ask why he'd been ordered here, since Varian had failed to mention that when he'd given Severus an explanation, when he saw Regulus's body convulse - it really DID look like he was having a seizure, and in an instant, he was by the boy's side, eyes wide as he looked on helplessly. He didn't have training, he didn't know what to do - and he'd failed to notice the faint beam that had struck just before Regulus' reaction.

Varian flicked his wand upwards quickly, and then rested his wand hand in his lap as he looked away, over at the fireplace, sighing through his nose.

Regulus stopped shaking, his head laid back on the floor with his eyelashes blinking fast. He groaned and raised his handcuffed hands, red marks already starting to form as the metal shifted across his skin, towards Severus as if beggingly. Regulus's eyes started to close, and his mouth worked but nothing came out until he dropped his hands on his chest, breathing hard. His nose was stuffed up from all the dust in the cottage, and he breathed out through his mouth, making a sickening gasping noise, coupled with coughing.

Without looking at Varian, Severus leaned back over Regulus again, a strange expression on his face as he studied the younger man. After a moment he eased back away, knowing he couldn't do anything for Regulus right now, a carefully blank look on his face. How the hell was he supposed to find anything out with Varian hovering around? "Hmm.."

Varian looked back over, a blank look on his face as well. "What?" He asked sharply, looking Severus over. He sat back in his chair, letting his hand rest limply by his groin again. He wasn't touching himself this time, but he made enough movements with his fingers, like strumming a pretend guitar, to draw his lover's attention there.. or tried to. "Well, I asked you a question."

Regulus decided to give up trying to speak or even look at Severus, already thinking it'd be useless. He laid there, staring out blinking slowly just trying to breath. He began to regret everything, once again. In that moment he thought back, way back, to Lydia, to his first kill, to the ghost in the attic-He regretted ever listening to Rodolphus's instructions, to joining the Death Eaters, to everything. He sighed out, silent tears already rolling down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry..." he breathed out almost inaudibly, still looking at Regulus. It may have been a useless gesture as he had to be careful Varian didn't hear him, but it was the best he could do for the moment. Pushing himself up, Severus turned to look at Varian finally and said testily, "I KNOW you asked me a question. But here's a question for YOU - can we possibly take this somewhere else for the moment? Like AWAY from our guest's hearing range?"

Varian stared up at Severus and then, without even glancing at their captive, slowly stood. "Alright by me!" He stated, but made no movement. He had no idea where Severus wanted to go.

Regulus closed his eyes, trying to let himself zone out. But he still listened.

Muttering under his breath, Severus rolled his eyes slightly and came over to grip Varian's wrist. "You find this amusing, don't you?" he asked quietly, working to keep his tone even as he tugged at Varian's arm to get him moving, starting off towards the kitchen.

Varian had been resisting cracking a smile until Severus yanked him tot he kitchen, at that time he did grin, but amused only to be asked such a question. "No....." Varian said, taking one last look back at Regulus. It thrilled him to see him on the floor and immobile. Once in the kitchen, Varian licked his lips and arched his eyebrows, looking at his lover. "You don't, obviously."

Severus had to grit his teeth as he moved over to the small radio, turning it on loudly and placing it near the doorway before pulling Varian further into the kitchen and pushing him up against the wall, a bit rougher than he would normally. "NO, I do NOT find this amusing," he hissed in Varian's ear. He had no intention of hurting Varian, of course, but he was confused, angry, and altogether unhappy with the situation in general, and if his lover THOUGHT he might hurt him... As long as he got some answers, he could live with that.

Varian's eye brows shot up the moment his back made contact with the wall. He stared hard at his lover, and regardless of what he said, Varian smirked slightly. "Never though you did." He then brought a hand up to run over Severus's jaw line.

"Wha - Jesus, just -" Severus reached up and took hold of Varian's hand, finding that it annoyed and confused him more than anything right now. Dropping his lover's hand, he then pulled back a bit to stand straighter as he reached to grip at both of Varian's wrists, bringing them up above the man's head and pinning them there before pressing close to him under a guise of it being something sexual. He brought his mouth to Varian's ear again, and deliberately nipped at it before whispering harshly, "What the fuck IS this? You fucking do everything you can to keep this - US - a secret, and then turn around and flaunt it in front of Regulus BLACK??"

Varian narrowed his eyes. "Nothing a simple memory charm can't cure." He replied, which wasn't an answer per se. He then let out a sharp breath, finding that the movement of control from himself to Severus was exciting, but not nearly like it was the other night. "You're grip is too tight," he added, meaning the grip on his wrists.

"This is NOT a fucking game, Varian," Severus murmured in his lover's ear, transferring his grip so the he held both wrists in an even tighter grip, pressing his now free hand palm to the wall by Varian's hip and shifting his position enough to press one knee in between the smaller man's knees, forcing them apart. "You've never acted like that with me around people before, not that FUCKING blatantly, so why NOW? Are you just THAT anxious for sex? Fine!" Pressing his mouth to Varian's neck just below the ear, his free hand moving now to press against his lover's side to hold him there, Severus deliberately scraped his teeth along the sensitive skin hard enough to leave a faint red mark behind, hard enough to cross Varian's comfort zone and let him know that he really WASN'T 'playing around'.

Varian started to say something, probably sarcastic, when he let out a small pained cry, and actually attempted to shift his body away from the source of teeth against skin. His reaction overqualified for the small amount of pressure, but Varian was on the verge of panicking. "N... No.. Stop!" Varian cried out, in the past him saying that meant not to stop. This time, it was an unsure order.

Severus heard that note of panic, and squeezed his eyes shut, feeling like a part of him had died almost at the fact he was deliberately scaring someone he cared about. Keeping his mouth pressed to the man's neck, he backed off a bit on the scare tactics, brushing his tongue against the sensitive skin for a moment before finally pulling back and said in a flat tone, "Not so fun when you don't know what's going to happen, is it, love?"

Varian tried to speak, his bottom lip quivering slightly. "I... I don't... maybe...?" Varian replied, and let out a shaky almost nerve drenched breath. He attempted to jerk his hand from Severus's stronger grip, wanting to know if that's blood or saliva on his neck.

Keeping a strong grip on Varian's wrists, he brought his other hand up in front of him to gently wipe away the dampness on his lover's neck, pulling his hand back to show the man that it wasn't blood he'd wiped away. Severus had no way of knowing what Varian had been thinking, he just wanted to make sure Varian didn't freak out over something minor. "Let me explain. The fact that you would so blatantly try to use sex to distract me around another person not only bothers me, but it makes me wonder what exactly you're hiding to risk people finding out. Not such a fun feeling."

Varian was breathing hard through his nose and his gaze went from Severus's hand (blissfully blood-free) and to his dark eyes. Varian shook his head, biting his bottom lip. "I'm not hiding anything," he stated, looking like his wide eyes were started to grow wet. "He.. He tried to hurt my dog, and then it turned into..." He choked on his words, and ducked his head down, pressing his chin to his chest.

Despite himself, Severus found himself softening at that - and more importantly, believing Varian, mostly because of a remembered incident involving one beloved pet he'd lost a couple summers ago. "Then what was all of that about?" he asked in a softer voice, loosening his grip on his lover's wrists as he pressed his fingers to Varian's cheek, brushing his thumb across the skin as he stooped down slightly to look up at his lover.

Varian let out another breath, more out of relief. "For the most part," Varian replied quietly, and rotated his hands to make sure they still worked. "One thing.. led to another..."

Varian tilted his head to one side, feeling a shiver run down him at Severus's fingers running over his skin. "I'm right.. angry at him. And He's not leaving here... with his memory intact." Varian seemed to be getting overwhelmed by what Severus was doing, and his cheeks turned more pink as his pupils dilated.

It wasn't really an answer, but Severus could tell that, for whatever reason, it was all the answer he was going to get. "You have a strange way of showing your anger sometimes, you know," he said finally, straightening up. "I mean... were you trying to get back at him for what I walked in on? By trying to SNOG me, no less? Are you really telling me something like that wouldn't throw you off?"

Varian shot Severus a look, and then looked away. He wanted to tell him, wanted to tell him Rodolphus sent him there, but it would mean showing and admitting to betrayal. Varian stared at the cabinet, trying to make up his mind what to do. He then looked back at him, his eyes squinting half closed, as if he was crying. "Severus," he started to say and then stopped. "I just.. I don't want you to leave me. For her." He said it before realizing the logic of it, and soon he immediately liked his little alternative reasoning. Obviously, he thought, he became over aggressive in being physical because of the all to real threat Severus was going to leave for HER. And Varian wanted to show him how much of a better lover he could be. Yes... yeah, exactly, he thought to himself. "I.. thought.. if I did that, it'd show you how much you're needed here. Me."

Severus found himself frowning at that, trying to find the logic in Varian being open about their.. relationship (whatever that term defined in this instance) in front of Regulus because he ... didn't want Severus to go back to Rinna? The whole thing made his insides twist funny, and he wasn't sure whether he wanted to laugh, or cry, or just stand there and stare. Twisting his hands together in an unsure manner, Severus finally asked tentatively, "You thought that would.. that you doing that would... um, well... really?" He wasn't about to ask what he really wanted to, because he wasn't sure how to phrase it.

"The question is rather, did it.." Varian said, now making himself look even more saddened and hurt and dropped his head down. "Did it work?" He looked back up, the only eye not covered by hair stared at him, hopeful.

Severus found that he couldn't stop the overwhelming feeling of amazement at the thought that Varian had actually done that just to try and get him to stay. It was actually almost romantic, when he thought about it. He didn't reveal any of this, and in fact, didn't even think he'd made a conscious decision until he found himself hugging the petite man tightly, affectionately.

Varian had no idea what or how Severus would react, but the next moment he found himself warm, being held in a bear hug. He let out a happy sound, not quite a word and not quite a cry. His hands come up and pressed against Severus's lower back. He nuzzled him until a loud thump, loud enough to overpower the news broadcast on the WWN. This made Varian pull back. "What was..?"

Regulus, in the time they were gone, had managed to crawl to the chair and pushed himself up to stand. In a hopping awkward motion, he had attempted to get to the front door, until the dog got in the way. Lyland had taken the end of the rope and tugged it playfully, causing Regulus to fall, with a heavy thud, half against the door and half to the floor, knocking the knight's armour over.

Severus looked at Varian with wide eyes, and without a word, turned and hurried to the doorway, looking into the main room to see what Regulus had done.

Varian was right behind him, and the moment he saw Regulus slumped there, he let out a sharp loud laugh.

Regulus groaned, and then struggled to get up, before tripping again and falling back to the wall.

Sighing, Severus looked down, then glanced back at Varian. "What are we going to do about him again?" he asked, trying to come to terms with his apparent decision.

Varian was still laughing. "Besides... besides killing him?" His laughter became more hysterical when he acidic smell of urine wafted through the room as Lyland had raised his leg and piddled on Regulus's leg.

This only made Severus sigh, giving Varian a small smile as he said, "Or not? Do we really need to do that - oh, that's just disgusting." And he was glad it wasn't HIM the dog had pissed on. Which reminded him... but no, Regulus first, and then he would try and bring up the dog issue.

Varian still snickered, and he walked over to regulus, scooping up the dog. "We can keep him here," he stated as he cuddled the dog to him. "Up in the attic, I can use the Imperius on him, have him do whatever we want-"

"Varian!" Severus cut in, avoiding looking at the dog as much as he could. "Come on. Let him go. What if people wonder what happened to him?"

Varian furrowed his brows and kneeled down to Regulus. He reached out, taking a handful of hair and pulled Regulus's head back. "Wonder if anyone cares enough about him to notice." Varian said, his nostrils flaring as he spoke.

Regulus stared up at Varian, trying to speak and only managed to make small gurgling sounds as his jaw worked. All the poor boy could think about was Rabastan, and how he would receive the news of him not coming back ever again.

"Varian..." The word was said simply, quietly, and then Severus' hand fell lightly upon one of Varian's shoulders.

Varian froze, and then looked upwards, seeing Severus. He stared at him, and then dropped his gaze. "A simple memory charm, and I'll dump him in the woods and that's it." he stated, like a reprimanded child.

Steeling himself, Severus swallowed hard, closing his eyes as he sunk down to a crouch behind Varian. When he could, he laid his cheek against Varian's shoulder and sighed, keeping his hand on Varian's shoulder before he said softly, "Much as I don't understand being able to say this... that could have been me in his place."

Varian made a confused look but didn't move anything but his hand. He brought his hand up to curl around Severus's neck, fingers going into his hair. "Why?" he asked softly.

"Why do you think like that?" he added.

"I'm just saying, you may not think he matters much, or that no-one will miss him, but... you might be surprised," Severus murmured, tilting his head a bit into the touch. After a moment, he opened his eyes and glanced up, asking, "What do you mean, what do I think like?"

Varian moved to sit down fully, moving his hand into Severus's hair more. "Why do you think for others so much. Instead yourself?" He answered him, and then put the dog down, purposefully shoving it away to the side as far as he could, wanting to avoid another problem.

"I.... don't know. Defense mechanism, I guess.." Severus sat down as well, shifting his position to lean a bit against Varian's back, arms now around the petite man's waist from behind as Severus leaned his cheek against Varian's shoulder again.

"It's a long story," he added, gaze moving to Regulus' face.

Regulus cocked his head, watching them, eyes moving from one man to another. Had he been able to speak, he would of held no comment. It was as if the two other men had forgotten him.

Varian snorted and grinned. "Then tell me later, after we've got rid of the brat," he said and reached a hand out to touch Regulus's handcuffs. This only made Regulus flinch and move his hands away.

"Let him undo the cuffs, Regulus," Severus said, voice holding a quiet authority about it for now, as if he were just tired of the whole situation.

Varian rolled his eyes and then reached again, grabbing the links of the handcuffs. "Do you have it. Do you have the key?" He hissed, looking back over his shoulder.

"Always do," Severus said, pulling one arm from around Varian's waist to pull the tiny key from... somewhere. He handed it to Varian, and then reluctantly pulled himself away from his lover for the moment.

Varian took it and yanking Regulus's hands to him so he can unlock them. "You better behave," Varian told him, and then gave his cheek a small pat. "Or I'll kill you. With or without his approval." he added bitterly.

Regulus wrinkled his nose at that, and then the moment his hands were free he started to tug at the knot of rope.

Severus pulled his wand from it's pocket and murmured a quick counter spell, surreptitiously pointing the wand Regulus' direction.

Regulus felt his voice come again, and the first he said was " both are wonky." As he yanked the rope loose. "And you tie loose knots. Work on it." He then leaned over and grabbed for Varian's hair, but missed.

"Yeah, yeah, back off him, Black," Severus said, returning the favour as he leaned towards Regulus, only HE reached to attempt to slap him upside the head. Not hard, but still.

Regulus whimpered at being hit and then shrugged away the rope. "You aren't really going to mess with my memory, are you? Mates?" He made a nervous grin.

Varian made a snort chuckle and pulled out his wand. "Yes. We are," he nodded and then pressed the wand tip to Regulus's forehead. "Say good-bye to your memories, Black." And the end of the wand started to illuminate.

Severus didn't say anything, keeping an eye out more for the dog now. He didn't have a clue how much Varian meant to erase, though, so he DID say after a moment, "You know what you're doing with this, Varian?"

"Not a bit," Varian replied with a straight face.
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