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Flashback....August 18 1978

August 18, 1978
Virgin Flight 1807 from Buffalo, NY to Heathrow, London
11:00 am

Daniel Avery, II, sat in his seat uncomfortably, trying to ignore the couple sitting right beside him who seemed to INSIST on being disgustingly 'cute' and 'romantic' with each other. He'd been watching his baby brother and brother's 'boyfriend' since the seat belt light went off, just to see how they interacted in public places. It amused him to no end that Varian seemed to be uncommonly jittery and annoyed right now, and he had already attributed it to baby brother nearly missing the flight. Of course, the couple beside him chose that moment to start giggling about some stupid, insipid, obviously private joke one of them had made, and he couldn't take it any more. It was perhaps fortunate that he'd started to feel like he might need to use the loo, because he had to get away from them. Letting out a wheezing snort, Daniel unbuckled his seat belt (he'd been too lazy to before)and pushed himself up to stand, smirking slightly at the twin blank stares he recieved as he stepped out into the aisle and started down towards the loo.

Varian Avery glanced around, and once the seatbelt sign went off he immediatly yanked his off and scrambled to stand, ducking slightly to avoid hitting his head on the air conditioning valve. He arched his neck and stared back at the plane, only to see the second half of coach, partially blocked by the stewardesses. "Fuck," he muttered, and looked to the side, staring as his eyes moved around, wide. "Fuck!" He hissed and then his chest started to heave, as if he was breathing hard.

Severus Snape looked up at Varian as he man stood up, and frowned, still confused as anything about what had gotten Varian so worked up. Ever since they'd gotten on the plane (and he had to admit to himself, it had been extremely nerve-wracking for him, as well, to find out at the desk that they had two minutes to get to the plane before they shut the doors to passengers), and he didn't think it was just that, or the check up he'd secretly requested of the hospital nurse. "Varian?" he asked in a carefully quiet voice, reaching out in an attempt to grab his lover's wrist. "What is it?"

Varian yanked his hand away. "I know he's here," Varian replied and sat down, looking uneasy. "And he fucking made me almost miss the flight, the bastard." He added in a mutter as he sulked.

Keeping his eyes peeled straight ahead of him, Daniel found that, try as he might, as he moved down the aisle, the only thing he could hear was laughter and good natured joking from the other passengers, and people comfortable with their friends, families, loved ones... and as always when he travelled alone, it made him angry. Like he wanted to just do something to disrupt their happy little bubbles for whatever reason. Or maybe it was just when he travelled without Jackson around, he found himself admitting silently to himself. Why that horrible Greecian insisted on continually separating them, he didn't want to even contemplate - the man knew they worked best when together... Not to mention he just missed having Jackson around on these stupid solo jobs.

Daniel made it three rows from the very back of the plane when someone grabbed him, a hand slipping up and pressing around his mouth while the other grabbed his chest, and shirt. There was a forced pull and he was down in an empty aisle seat. The hand moved from his chest to cover his eyes.

".... WHO'S here?" Severus asked after a moment, watching Varian carefully. He was still slightly paranoid that Varian was going to have another episode like the one he'd had at the concert, even though the nurse had said his blood sugar levels were stable and all. But he didn't have a clue who Varian was talking about. He'd never heard any outright mention of anyone in the last couple days, in particular, he should watch for, not from Varian. "What are you talking about?"

Varian stared out the window and then back at Severus, his eyes still wide. "Him. The Angel of Mercy and the Angel of Death. Maybe both, maybe one. I swear I saw him right after we boarded. He's going to kill me." Varian breathed, never sounding as paranoid before.

Even if he COULD have spoken, his silent attacker had moved too quickly for Daniel to react anyway, and once he got over his surprise (much quicker than the average person, thanks to his training AND his cautiousness regarding his particular... history), his hands were already shooting up to grab for both the hand covering his eyes, and one hand heading right for where he presumed the attackers neck to be as he let out a muffled noise, trying to draw attention this.

The 'attacker' made a choking noise, and the hand moved itself from Daniel's eyes and went, instead, to grip at his wrist on his neck. "D...Daniel..." Jackson sputtered, his eyebrows knitting together.

"Angels? Does this have anything to do with the day you said an Angel or whatever had tied you to your hospital bed?" Severus asked quietly, hesitantly. He immediately hated the way it had come out, and gave Varian a sheepish expression, not wanting to make it sound like he was mocking the man, especially as that hadn't been his intention.

Varian shot him an insane looking stare and then leaned away from him, his shoulder hitting the window. "Exactly..." he breathed, looking paranoid. He then brought his fingers p and seemed to tap the, against his lips. "He's here." He trailed off, trying to stare back over the top of his seat.

Shit - Jackson?? Daniel immediately let go, leaning his head back against the man's chest and craning his neck to look upwards. His eyes widened as he recognized that distinctive jawline, and a smile grew on his lips, even hidden as it was beneath Jackson's hand. He couldn't help feeling a bit of relief, but mostly a childlike contentment at seeing his best friend and partner here instead of on whatever job their employer had assigned to him.

Jackson gave him a small light shove, making him stop leaning on him. "You have ...some grip." He said, clearing his throat as he rubbed his hand on the red mark along his neck. He turned his head and coughed.

"I wish I knew who you were talking about, Varian..." Severus said, frowning as he glanced around for anyone who might look familiar, aside from Evan, who always seemed to be off by himself writing something in the last couple days. He glanced back at Varian, and found himself once again debating with himself for the millionth time in the last couple days on whether or not to mention to Varian the man he'd seen that day, the one he'd thought looked like his lover - but then he reminded himself that he had probably just been hallucinating from worry/lack of sleep or something, and that mentioning it would just distress his lover more.

"You want to know who?" Varian said, looking at him, the rim of his eyes red. "This man..he's...he's my brother." He stated in a quiet voice, and slumped down in his seat as someone passed by their seats.

Daniel's grin grew even wider at that, and a slight wheezing snicker escaped him at Jackson's reaction. Turning a bit in his seat so he faced forward and slightly facing his friend, Daniel shrugged and tilted his head curiously, staring intently at Jackson, as if waiting for an explanation.

"Your... brother?" Severus looked surprised at that, and suddenly looked away uneasily. "I... don't remember you telling me you had a brother. Unless I was really drunk or tired.."

Jackson looked back at him, and then rolled his eyes. "I um." He started to say and straightened his shirt out. He lacked the usual suit, instead with a t-shirt and jeans. "I...shut up." he stated, speaking to Daniel's expression.

That caused the snickering to start again, and Daniel's expression turned to something of a smirk, a certain smugness to it that only appeared on his face when he was about to make a joke about a person either 'wanting' him, or liking his company well enough to be unable to stay away... well, back when he didn't have to do some freakish thing to be able to SPEAK..

Varian gave a small shrug. "I probably didn't." He said, mostly to the window. His hand gripped their shared arm rest, his knuckles turning painfully white. Not only did he have problems with the preflight, he was on edge with the shakey takeoff. "Just a secret." He added softly, his eyes watching the ground a million miles away.

"I.. take it you don't like him, considering?" Severus asked, not sure if Varian really wanted to talk about this. He glanced around, and then carefully reached out to lay his hand over Varian's lightly, watching to make sure that no-one looked over their way.

Jackson saw that look and crossed his arms as he sat back in the seat. "That's right, you go on thinking that. However, whatever reasons *I* have, its purley for the good of our Employer." He insisted, not wanting to say anymore or less.

Daniel just gave a nod, the smirk fading a little bit, even though he'd known it couldn't just be because Jackson had felt like keeping him company. As far as he knew, anyway.

Varian lowered his dark eyes from the window and yanked the shade down. He looked at the back of the chair in frotn of him and seemed to take forever to reply. "I'm afraid of him," Varian replied honestly, his hand shaking under Severus's. "Can you beleive...me..afraid?" He stared at Severus, looking out of sorts.

Man. If it weren't for the fact he already felt a deep kinship, almost, to Varian, that admission would probably have sealed it for him. "I know the feeling, believe it or not," Severus said quietly, glancing quickly at his lover. "I've got a similar reaction to any... mention... of my father, so..."

Jackson avoided looking at Daniel, because he knew the truth would only reveal itself. He HAD been ordered on a different mission, which involved spending another week in Canada, following up on a lead on one of their Employer's many enemies. But the task was so remedial, so utterly boring and useless that Jackson had arranged for another hirling under him to take care of it. He used an old boarding pass to board the plane, but found the fiasco with one of the band members, one paramedic, and three muggle police men provided enough of a distraction to sneak on unnoticed. Jackson swallowed and finally did look back at him. "Where are you sitting?" He asked, casually.

"You're father isn't HERE," Varian hissed, and tried to not let it be heard. Rosier was looking over at them at the moment. Varian stared back a him, and arched an eyebrow, as if questioning him, acting overly defensive.

Still watching Jackson, Daniel caught every little inflection in Jackson's actions, expression, and voice, and found himself smiling secretively as he shook his head as if to say, 'Not telling'. What he didn't make clear in any way yet was the fact that he had decided to sit with his friend for the rest of the flight. Maybe he wouldn't have to gag at the 'cutesy' couple anymore. Tilting his head a bit towards the aisle, Daniel started to stand up, gesturing vaguely off towards where the plane's bathrooms were.

Jackson settled back in his seat, yanking out a small ledger he kept, and started to jot something down. He looked over and nodded. "Right, have fun, Watch out for balsy birds with pens." He grinned, an old joke.

"Yeah, no shit, I know, but is it a crime to try and sympathize or empathize, or whatever the hell it is, with you on something?" As he spoke, Severus caught that look, and started to turn to look where Varian was, discreetly pulling his hand off Varian's, acting casual about it.

That cause Daniel's expression to twist, half a grimace, half a smirk, and he just waved a hand at his friend before casually strolling down the aisle to do his business.

Varian chewed on the inside of his lip and snuck a glance at Severus. "Well, then I appreciate it," he whispered, moving his head slightly towards his ear, moving so Rosier couldn't read if lips in case he could read lips. He then settled back in his chair, drumming his fingers on the arm rest. "But I'm still going to die on this flight." H said sharply.

"No, you won't," Severus said simply, giving Evan a small, reassuring smile, hoping that the man wouldn't come over. Luckily, Evan turned away after a moment and went back to whatever he was writing.

Once Daniel was gone, Jackson smirked and slipped out the photo of Lestrange's wife, having taken it from Daniel one night in the hotel. He made some notations on the back and slipped it between the pages of his ledger, before putting the whole book back in his pocket. He then closed his eyes, letting his head tilt backwards, lips puckering slightly, as he rested.

"He's blonde," Varian stated. He briefly described him, leaving out a certain obvious physical flaw, and made Daniel sound more cuniving and dangerous than he probably was. "And I saw him on this bloody plane!"

"Varian, Varian, calm down, it's alright, he's not going to come after you on the plane," Severus murmured as he leaned over more towards his lover, partly so they could keep the conversation private... and partly just to try and hopefully lend a little comfort to Varian without having to actually touch the man unless he had to (which he actually really hated having to do... it was unfortunate that doing anything like that would immediately make people uncomfortable around them, IF they were caught).

Varian breathed out, and felt like he was going to hyperventalate. "I.I'm going to the Loo." He announced and stood up straight, knocking his head on the low ceiling due to the baggage storage. "Move."

Daniel came back a couple minutes later and sat down calmly in the seat next to Jackson, hiding a small smirk as he pretended to stretch, deliberately stretching one arm over across Jackson's line of sight. It was a little game they played sometimes, just to bug each other.

Jackson frowned and shifted, moving his hand up to slap Daniel's away. Even with his eyes closed he sensed this sort of reaction from him. He turned his head, keeping his eyes closed, towards Daniel. "I haven't slept in 24 hours." He told him.

Severus just stared up at his lover, briefly debating on refusing until he was polite about it, but then he remembered how much he'd always hated it when people did that to him - not to mention he didn't feel like making Varian angry with him in this particular situation - so he frowned hard, but didn't say anything as he stood up and stepped out into the aisle to let Varian out.

Varian slipped out and started off for the restrooms in the back of the plane. He made a quick glance back, catching severus's eye before he stepped away. Varian got maybe a few feet before a stewardess rolled into the aisle with her serving cart.

Daniel gave a quiet, wheezing laugh at that before standing up and going back to his original seat to get his things.

Sighing, Severus just looked away and sat back down, moving over to the window for now so he could watch the 'scenery' - not that there WAS much, just clouds, and the glimpses of land below them.

Jackson moved out of the middle area of their seats and stood up in the narrow aisle, stretching. He then pressed the button release for the overhead storage, reaching in for his leather carryon bag.

Varian, already annoyed at the stewardess, came barreling down the aisle, in need to spend some quality time alone with himself. He narrowed his eyes when he saw the last bit of his aisle blocked by some bloke. Varian stepped up to him, the obviously older man doing something with the overhead storage. "Oh bloody hell man, hurry up!" Varian exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

At that, Daniel leaned out in the aisle slightly, smirking to himself when he saw his baby brother sniping at Jackson. This he HAD to see.

Jackson paused, leaving his bag where it was and glanced over, his gaze moving to a shortish man with funny two-toned hair, giving him the evil eye. "You can wait," Jackson replied, and then reached a hand back up, carefully extracting his dark colored wand, and then grabbed the handle of his bag.

"No I can't. Move." Varian stated, and then attempted to climb around him, thinking he could brush by. he was three steps from the loo.

This made Jackson almost snap, being touched by someone he wasn't familiar with, even though that HAIR made some sort of bell go off in his head. Jackson spun around and grabbed the younger man, his wand moving to his throat and both of them fell into the lavatory. Jackson kicked the door shut, and then there was silence. Passengers nearby seemed to not notice, were asleep, or talking to each other.

A fourteen year old boy sat across the aisle from him, and was staring. His hair was shaved almost to the top of his ears, the top of it normal in length and seemed to flop into his dark eyes. He was still youthful in looks, having the appearance of one in the midst of puberty, a fuzzy begings of a mutasche on his upperlip. He leaned into the aisle, and rolled his music magazine in his other hand. "Pssst," he made thenoise, directed at the slender man who had moved towards the window. "Pssst."

Hmm. Interesting. Personally, Daniel didn't much care what happened to his brother at the moment, the arrogant little BOY deserved it for acting like that towards his best friend. So he just turned around and finished gathering up his things before sitting back down, positioning himself in such a way that he could watch that Snape boy. Very easy to spot.

It was a blur, and Varian felt the sharp pain of his head coming into contact with something hard and cool. The mirror. His hand came up to feel the back, thinking only of blood. Jackson was a blur to him, and the last thing he remembered seeing was Jackson raising his arm and swinging it back before it went dark.

Severus ignored the first noise, assuming that it was meant for someone else, and leaned his chin in his hand, elbow against the armrest closest to the window. At the second time, he looked around curiously to see who was being annoying, only to see a youngish looking teen with odd punk-ish hair watching him, leaning into the aisle. "What?" he said quietly, directing it at the boy.

Jackson let go of the front of the younger man's shirt, letting his unconscious body slip down to sit on the small toilet. He yanked his hand from the man's now loose grip, and poked his head, making it rock back before the man's chin touched his sternum again. He twirled his wand in his hand and pocketed it, and whistled to himself lightly. He ran a hand down Varian's side, extracting what looked like a wallet. Inside, he found nothing but receipts for food, no money nor credit cards. Something gold caught his eye, and he pulled out a card similar to something else he's seen before. A memory flash came to him, and he was in the Buffalo airport holding a card from the now pathetic Lestrange. Jackson's eyes widened and he grinned, pocketing the card. "So you're one of them," he told the lifeless person. He reached into his other pocket and pulled out a velvet pouch, which contained money, both muggle and british galleons. "You just paid for my travel." He then chuckled to himself, and ran his hands into his hair in the mirror. There was a trickle of blood in the sink, and Jackson stared at it. He glanced back, and saw a small cut along the side of Varian's forehead. Using the tip of his wand, careful not to touch him, he flipped some of his disgusting blonde hair over to cover it. And he pocketed his wand again and stepped out, shutting the bathroom door behind him. He slipped back into his seat after pulling his leather bag down into his lap. He looked over at Daniel, and nodded in greeting.

"Are you...?" He asked, moved a hand into his jean jacket to produce what appeared to be a folded album 45 album cover, which he unfolded and pointed. It was a black and white photo of the band.

Wow, how random, Severus couldn't help but think, eyes widening slightly as he nodded slowly on recognizing the picture. "Yes," he said, mouth starting to twitch into a half smile. "Yeah, I am." How many guys do you know of who've pierced their lip, man? he found himself thinking as he moved back into the aisle seat.

The boy seemed to smile and even said a small "yesss..." as he nodde dhis head. "Alright man. Excellent! No one is going to believe me though!" He handed him the album cover and a marker. "Could you um.." he licked his bottom lip and started to point, and then recoiled into hsi seat as a stewardess passed by. "Could you autograph it?"

On seeing that Severus was occupied, Daniel shrugged to himself and just stood up to head back to where Jackson's seat was. Frankly, he didn't care THAT much about the kid to bother with anything right now. Nodding to his friend in response, he tilted his head a bit, arching his eyebrows in question.
"I - you want - seriously?" Severus asked, watching the stewardess for a second as she walked towards the back of the plane, then looked back at the kid. (For a second, he'd thought she looked vaguely like Corinna.) "Yeah, sure, I can. Do that." Man, how awesome.

Jackson unzipped his bag and deposited the money bag into it and the held out the card between his fore and middle finger to Daniel. "Loosk familiar?" He asked, without so much of any other word.

"Yeah! Only..make it out to by..she's my..."the kid floundered, and then licked his bottom lip again. "April. My..she's going to be my girlfriend now," he said, staying quiet due to his sleeping mother next to him, but he sounded excited.

Taking it, Daniel glanced over it and arched both eyebrows, nodding in recognition. He handed it back a moment later, not bothering to ask. It had to have come from his baby brother.

The stewardess with the long curly black hair and hazel eyes, the kind that looked sometimes green and sometimes brown, grabbed a handful of peanuts and napkins from the small kitchenette in the back between the lavatories and then made her way back towards the aisle she came up. "Napkins? Peanuts?" She asked as she passed by passengers.

"Took it off the punk kid before escorting him to the lavatory," Jackson mumbled and placed it in his own wallet, his right hand looking bruised.

"April, huh? That's a - oh, sorry," Severus said hastily, pulling out of the pretty stewardess's way, picture and pen in hand. He found himself staring at her again for a moment, knowing that she was too tall to be Corinna, but still marveling over the similarities.

The Stewardess stopped two rows ahead of Severus's and the boys, and handed a package of peanuts to an elderly man. She spoke spanish to him and reached up to grab him a pillow from the upper compartment. She glanced back, mostly letting her gaze run over everyone, as if checking for anything out of the norm. In the light, her eyes looked more green than brown.

“Yeah, pretty name huh? Her parents are hippies. She's got a sister named Moonbean." The boy snickered. "That lady is hot." He pointed at the stewardess not too far up ahead.

Daniel looked back over at Jackson and snickered, merely nodding. He eyed the other man's fist, eyebrows raising again at that, and debated on whether or not to tell Jackson who it was. It wouldn't change anything on his end, at least.

Jackson caught him staring at his hand and covered it with his other hand. "Bastard made me slam my fist into the wall, ducking. But he's out light a baby, probably in that happy place between life and death." He smirked and wiggled his fingers to show it was alright. "So...do we get to visit your infamous parents?" He joked, which he always did whenever they had to go near or in London. "Wouldn't it be nice to bring me home to dinner."

"She looks like my ex-girlfriend," Severus said quietly, an almost shy smile quirking his lips as the stewardess looked at him, and then past him. "Hippies, huh? Yeah, I don't know about a name like Moonbeam, but then, I can't really talk." He had almost forgotten about the request for an autograph as he watched that stewardess still.

The woman looked back up front, distracted now by another red haired stewardess, who was having difficulty with the wheel of her serving cart. The dark haired stewradess moved way, and helped her.

Love to, but I don't think it would go over well, Daniel thought, eyes flicking quickly over Jackson, as if sizing him up. He made a smirk, and then shrugged. Who knows... perhaps this time he WOULD stop in for a visit.

The boy looked back at him. "Luckyyyy...I mean, April's cute..but still. Hey, you gonna sign that?"

"I'm thinking of looking Elizabeth up," Jackson stated after a moment. He spoke of an ex-girlfriend, one of whom seemed almost elusive as he was. A librarian, she had no inkling of his true nature or employment. She was more like an old fling than anything. "I wonder if she's still married to that jerk off politician."

"Huh? Oh, shit, I'm - yeah," Severus said, letting out an embarrassed chuckle as he looked down, jotting down a short note before handing the pen and picture back. "Hey, you never told me your name."

"William," the boy told him. "Mum calls me Wills, but only the Americans call be Bill. I hate Bill." He took the thing back, and with pride, held it up to look at.

The smirk disappeared, and Daniel merely rolled his eyes before leaning back in his seat, slumping down slightly and closing his eyes in a pretense of being tired.

Jackson gave him a long glance and then leaned in towards him. "Maybe she can call her brother for you..." he suggested, even though he knew Daniel would most likely hurt him for it.

"Yeah, I know the feeling, I hate it when people call me by my middle name, and I hate it even more when people call me by a nickname when I don't know them," Severus said, half grinning at William. "Of course... most people don't KNOW my middle name, so that's how I avoid that one."

"What, is it something stupid like Horatio?" William asked, grinning. "That's mine."

The seat belt sign lit, and the dark haired stewardess picked up the hand held phone to use the intercom system. "Dear passengers, the captain has put the seatbelt sign on due to some turbulence. Please be advised and keep your belts on while sitting. We also have extra pillows so feel free to request one." She then repeated the message in spanish, not a airlines requirement but since she was bilingual, she did it anyways. The plane swayed as she spoke, and she found herself watching in Severus's direction for most of her message.

Sure enough, as Jackson had figured, Daniel's fist came flying up towards him, not particularly aiming for anything. He didn't put too much force behind it.

Jackson felt it hit his cheek, and he let out a gasping breath, tilting his head away. "Ow..." he mumbled and rubbed his cheek. He moved his jaw, as if it had rattled his teeth. "Sorry.." he mumbled.

"Nah, thank gods, but I think my mum might have wanted a little girl, because I think she kind of made it up... Guess she wanted to name me after my grandmother..." Severus said, snickering a bit, and then looked up at the announcement to find the stewardess glancing over in his direction. His stomach did a funny little flip flop that probably had nothing to do with the swaying of the plane, and he hurriedly put on his seat belt, finding that his face felt a little too warm now.

Daniel smirked, and opened his eyes enough to glance over at his friend before reaching up again and patting his shoulder, as if to say, 'There there...'

Another stewardess, younger then the other two with bouncy brown hair came trotting up the aisle, grabbing the backs of chairs as she moved. Her face was pale and her eyes wide and she rushed up to the bilingual one and spoke in her ear, motioning towards the back of the plane. The stewradess who had been eyeballing Severus grew concerned and told her to go alert the captain. The younger stewardess pointed a finger towards the seat, and pointed in severus's direction. The taller of the two, the one's whose eyes studied Severus, looked back at her and nodded. The younger one moved off to the front of the plane.

"Whats your middle name?" William asked and made a gasp as the lady of his dreams appraoched them.

Jackson slumped in his seat, and glanced up as a young stewardess moved towards the back, and reached for the door the lavatory. There wasn't a scream, but a loud gasp before she stepped back. Jackson glanced up partially from his bag and then held out a chocolate cherry candy bar to Daniel. "Here, does this make up for it?" It was Daniel's favorite.

What the hell...? Now, seeing the expression on the woman's face, Severus wasn't sure he wanted her to come over. And it suddenly struck him that Varian had been gone an awful long time.... Oh shit, what was going on??

Glancing down, Daniel's eyes widened, and he grinned and grabbed the candy bar, nodding in approval. He made only a cursory glance at the stewardess as he started to unwrap it.

"Hi," she said quietly, and kneeled down to belevel with Severus, as all stewardesses do. "I'm sorry to bother you...but um.." She stared at him, blinking slowly as her eyes seemed more brown now than green.

Jackson pulled out an inflight magazine and flipped through it, ignoring the fact that the stewardess looking nervous and started to jog up the aisle.

"Is something.. wrong?" Severus asked in a similarly quiet tone, looking her right in the eye so as not to be rude.

She had a gentle look and gave him a somewhat concerned look, her eyebrows knitted together. "Your seatmate...what is his name?" She asked, her hand gripping the arm rest, mostly blocking any sort of exit out of his row.

"Whoa....." The kid across the aisle said and quieted down, not sure what was going on.

"V-varian. Avery," Severus said in a small voice, eyes widening as he craned his neck up to try and see if Varian was coming back yet. "Why, where is he, what's going on?" It was all he could do to keep himself from betraying the panic he was starting to feel as he started to unbuckle his seat belt.
"Please...please...its important you remain calm," said. "We are calling air traffic control as we speak. The captain is requesting paramedics to meet us as soon as we land-"

"Oh my god, is there a dead guy on here!?" William called out, and shot outof his seat and leaped to land intot he aisle by her. "Let me see!" He started for the back of the plane.

"Don't!" She called to him, and reached to grab for his shirt.

Oh god, did he have another attack?? "Is he okay?? Why do you need the paramedics, did he - what happened?? When are we - WHERE are we landing?" He didn't even care right now how his reaction might look.

"Sir..we are already over the water. We'll be landing as soon as we have clearance. I just need to know...does he have any medical conditions? He's passed out in the lavatory. Bibi is going to help him, she's a registered nurse." The lady calmly said to him, perfectly trained for this.

Two sewardeses came back and seemed to fret over the bathroom, which still went ignored by Jackson and Daniel. "So...did you hear about how the girl is missing?" Jackson asked Daniel and showed him a map of France that was in the travel magazine. "Paris told me she's supposedly here." He pointed to the capital city dot on the map. "Seems our Employer is quite mad about it."

"He's diabetic, that's all I know for sure," Severus said promptly, sinking back into his seat without even trying to go check. He didn't think he could handle this. Leaning over, he put his head in his hands, feeling a bit faint himself, and then said in a near whisper, "He doesn't like to advertise medical conditions, so if there's anything else, I don't know it.."

She continued to watch him. "Its not your fault," she reassured him, her name tag reading her name as Maria. "Would you like me to remain with you or go check on him?"

Daniel looked over the map, munching on his candy bar as he listened to Jackson's explanations, and nodded slightly in understanding. Reaching out to place the tips of his fingers against his friend's arm, he then pointed to the map and raised his eyebrows questioningly. What he meant was, 'Is that where we're going?'

Maria seemed to understand. "I'll get you some water.." She said, scurrying off.

"Are you feeling okay?" One of the woman asked him, as one stood outside the loo while the other handed him a bottle of water.

"Will you LEAVE me alone?" Varian growled, having regained consciousness but swatted away the water. "I just want to go back to my seat."

"Do you have a medical history? You fainted and hit your head." She was trying to press a cloth to his cut on his forehead.

Severus glanced off after her, not really understanding why she seemed embarrassed. Of course, he was a little preoccupied with the information she'd given him, and wouldn't have even known the rules for the staff, anyway, so he was left to call after in confusion, "Okay..."

"Paris is there. Why should we go." Jackson stated and flipped the page to show an enlarged map of Paris, listing its prominent attractions. "I don't fancy running around after some sixteen year old girl," he didn't know how old she was, but if she was like any of the others, she was young.

"Maria, you weren't supposed to do that," Jessica, the blonde, told her as she appraoched.

"I couldn't..he looked so...needful.." Maria said, glancing back at him down the aisle. "And he reminds me so much of Pasquale," she refered to her husband who had passed in ana utomobile accident a few months earlier.

"This guy is insisting he be allowed to go sit back down," Bibi, the nurse/stewardess, stated as she stepped out from the lavatory. "We're still a good five hours from land. Maybe we should. And have him checked out after landing."

Tugging his little notebook from his jacket pocket, Daniel reached for his pen and flipped it open, writing something down as he seemed to ignore Jackson - but the illusion was broken a moment later when he passed the book over, bearing a note that read: "Three pairs of eyes are better than one. Besides, maybe we can just make Paris do all the work and hit the bars instead." There was even a tiny evil looking smiley face at the end. Daniel had a penchant for those.

Jackson read it over and glanced back at him. He seemed to think it over and then spoke. "If we do find her, then our Employer may be very...grateful. Might even...give us a well deserved raise. And I could come back from the supposed exile he sent me to in Canada." He alsways did have a plan, any sort of way to advance them and get money. "What do you think?"

"Then let him...we can't keep him in the bathroom." Maria told them, as the most senior of attendants, it was her call. "Bibi, you will watch him?" Bibi nodded. Laura looked less than pleased.

Severus sighed, huddling back into his seat and leaning his head back against the seat, eyes closed as he took slow, deep breaths, trying that technique to calm himself down.

Varian stood up and wobbled his way into the small hallway. Laura immediatly placed a small bandage on his forehead. "You shouldn't be in small spaces," she told him.

Varian smirked. "Next time join me," he stated and, with Laura behind him and Bibi taking his hand, lead him back to his seat. Maria stayed behind, and tried to compose herself.

Jackson glanced over, seeing the dark haired beauty standing there. "Can I have another ginger ale?" he asked her, holding his empty can up.

Maria's light eyes moved and she looked down at him, and then at Daniel. "Do I know-?" She started to ask.

"No...no you don't." Jackson told her with a grin, his blue eyes staring at her. "Just some ginger ale."

Daniel just nodded absently to Jackson's idea, keeping his eyes down. He kind of recognized that voice... but it couldn't be who it sounded like. So he just pretended he was deaf, and went on to doodle randomly in his notebook, seemingly content to amuse himself that way.

Maria tookt he can from him, and continued to stare, not at Jackson, but Daniel. She lightly touched her own hair, and then pressed her fingers to her mouth. "Of course sir." She said, and stepped back and away.

Jackson looked over at Daniel, staring at him.

Varian slipped down into his seat, and stared up at the stewardesses. He didn't like them staring at him, and he instead looked away. Bibi motioned to Laura, and both walked away, but already decided to check on him often. Varian breathed out through his nose.

Daniel ignored the feel of Jackson's stare, and continued to doodle, and the drawing, if one cared to look, seemed to be a stick figure in a car that was on fire and crumpled up. Kind of morbid, if you thought about it.

Jackson said nothing, even arching an eyebrow at the drawing and reviewed the map. He drew out the card again, turning it over and over, seeing his reflection it its gold surface. "The last one didn't reveal anything. This one's probably the same. I wonder if its a key...or an address. It won't reveal itself."

Severus let his head tilt to the side, glancing sideways at the figure in the seat beside him. Seeing Varian, he could only stare, but he found that he could breathe a bit easier now at seeing him awake and all.

Varian stared at the seatback in front of him, and then turned his head to the side to glance at him. "I told you," he said in a quiet tone. He turned his head away and leaned it back, closing his eyes.

Daniel just shrugged, and wrote a tiny note under the drawing. 'Maybe Paris knows how to break it. If it's anything.' He tore the page out and handed it to Jackson without even looking, and started doodling some more on a clean sheet.

"You didn't die. But... what happened?" Severus asked, keeping his voice very low.

Varian just breathed and closed his eyes. "Angel of Death," he mumbled and let his head slump down onto his shoulder.

Jackson read the note and started to speak when a shadow fell on them. Maria held out a can of gingerale, only now it was shaking. Along with her hand. "Here..." She said quietly, and stared at Daniel, her face pink. "I know...I remember who you are." She said over Jackson to him. "Pasquale.."

"Thank you." Jackson said, taking it from he rhand and standing up, and hovering towards her, blocking her from Daniel's view. "And my friend...is busy. And we..are busy. Maybe you should ...go."

William held pointed to the magazine the sixteen year old girl held. "And that's David Cassedy." He explained, which made her grin back at him. He charmed her, knowing it had to be the British accent. "Of course I know all about him. He's quite popular with us too." Her blue eyes and blonde hair made her look pretty. "So, you said your name was Allison?" He half blocked the aisle.

Severus sighed, glancing down at Varian for a long moment before lifting his gaze to see William talking to some girl. Thank goodness... but then, it was hard to care if someone saw this when Varian didn't. "You'll be okay, alright?" he said quietly.
"I'll be okay." Varian replied, his head rocking as the plane swayed somewhat.
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