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September 2, 1978

September 2, 1978
6:30 pm
Hogsmeade//East end of London

As it happened, Severus didn't even hear that yell. He had already started trudging down the path to Hogsmeade, stopping and looking back only once, for a long moment, to the cottage. "Should have fucking known this wouldn't last," he whispered to himself, knowing that he was being melodramatic, but not caring in the slightest. With a sigh, he turned again and started walking again, already having an idea of who he would crash with for the night. If she let him, of course.. Upon reaching the village, Severus went straight for the payphone and called a very familiar number, hearing the phone ring once... twice... three times.... and then - "Hello, Bridget?" he said quietly.

There was a heavy breath, and Bridget breathed a low "Hullo??" into the phone. It sounded like she had just run a 5000 meter marathon to get to the phone.

"Is this Pivolli's Pizzaria!? I placed that order over a bloody HOUR ago and you're driver STILL hasn't knocked yet!" She continued to berate into the phone.

"Bridget- Bridget, it's- wait, Bridge, slow down, it's me, SEVERUS,"" he said, trying to interrupt her.

Bridget went silent on her end, followed by a high pitched "Ooooh! Hiiiiii Severus!" She said in all too fake high pitched voice she used when caught off-guard.

"Hey - uh, I was just wondering if I could ask you a small, uh... favour... If you promise not to ask questions..." Severus asked with a small, forced laugh, trying to hide the distress in his voice.

Bridget seemed to be moving around, as there was suddenly a lot of static on the phone. It faded out into the background, which sounded like, if one listened closely, was the strains of a work-out program on the tele. "Oh..right. Sure. I won't ask any." She stated into the phone as her voice became somewhat muffled, like she held the receiver on the crook of her shoulder and neck.

"Right. Um.. would you mind terribly if I crashed at your flat for a night or two?" Was he really doing this?

Bridget immediatly answered that with a question, effectivly forgetting her promise not to ask questions. "Why?"

Severus sighed and just said quietly, "Disagreement with my room mate. I need to find a new place to stay. Is that alright?"

"Oooooh," Bridget echoed into the phone. "That's a real sticky wicket, right there. Did you owe him money or something?" she asked, and started at her wrist watch. "Look, I've got to keep the line clear, as I have a very important phone call coming in," she told him, meaning the pizza restaurant. "Just come on by."

"Yeah, okay, I'll be by in a bit, then," Severus said, suppressing another sigh at that. "See you soon.. and thanks, Bridget." Even though you're not very good at just not asking questions, he thought as he started to hang up.

Bridget hung up on him before he could, leaving a high pitched dial tone in his ear.

Letting out a helpless chuckle, Severus just shook his head and dropped the receiver onto the cradle before taking out his wand and Apparating to Diagon Alley. From there, it was only a short walk to Bridget's, maybe about fifteen minutes, and he managed to get into the building without having to call up to her apartment again. He was knocking on her door about twenty minutes after he left Hogsmeade.

The door pulled open, only to stop quickly, being caught at the end of the chain Bridget kept on the door. "Bugger hell blimey," she cursed and slammed the door shut. The sound of chain scrapping against wood was heard and the door reopened. There Bridget stood, looking right pretty as she wore a rather fancy going-out dress and had her hair done up in some fabcy yet sexy do-half up with curls coming down at either side of her ears. "I saved you pizza," she told him, without so much as a hello. She held a metal pair of eyelash curlers in one hand.

"Oh! Um... I didn't realize you were going out tonight," he said, taking in her appearance, and then seemed to hear what she'd said. "Um - thanks. Can I..." He took a small step towards the door before asking, "Come in?"

Bridget stepped back, making plenty of room to pass. "Hello, by the way," she said to him, looking rather content and had a healthy glow for once. She closed the door behind him, but only after doing a double-take at his school trunk. "I see you brought everything, but where's the kitchen sink?" She replied as she locked the door.

Bridget stepped back, making plenty of room to pass. "Hello, by the way," she said to him, looking rather content and had a healthy glow for once. She closed the door behind him, but only after doing a double-take at his school trunk. "I see you brought everything, but where's the kitchen sink?" She replied as she locked the door.

"At Varian's bloody cottage, that's where," Severus muttered to himself as he passed her, setting his things down just inside the living room, by her chair. "Yeah, hello to you too. You look pretty tonight - someone special?" he asked, not wanting to talk about Varian at the moment.

"Hmm..maybe..." Bridget replied as she followed him into the living space. "Just some, um..Barristers dinner..thing. Nothing special..." She fidgeted with her curling tool and then moved towards the bathroom, padding around in her stocking feet. "You and Daniel had a bit of an arguement?!?" She called from the loo, where she pulled on one high heel shoe and then another while leaning against the sink.

"Oh... Yeah, over his DOG, of all things!" Severus called to her, nodding a bit at her explanation as he fell into the chair. "I told him last week that I can't live in a house with a dog, and he told me to get over it. I tried. For a bloody week. And I'm fucking trying not to have a panic attack every time the animal comes around me."

Bridget came back into the room, holding a shawl in one hand, its ends dangling down to the floor. She started to say something when a sharp tug made it slide out of her hand and she gave a yelp. The cat shot out from under the tv stand and lept up onto the chair Severus was sitting in. The cat sat on the arm, ears back, and then started to lick at its front paw.

"Sounds like you two argue like an old married couple," Bridget mumbled as she picked up her shawl. She wrapped it around herself. She then moved over and sat near him on the couch. "Did you want to talk about it? I have time."

"We don't argue like a - hey! What do you mean?" Severus asked, frowning a bit before he twisted his body around slightly to reach up and try to pet Joey. He missed his cat, especially lately.

" you want to talk. About It." Bridget replied as she picked at the cat hairs from her skirt.

"Talk about what, how he was just an incredible prat to me? About how he didn't even take me seriously when I told him I was leaving? One would think that he'd be a little more concerned when his supposedly best friend bails on him," Severus said, sounding grumpy now. He wasn't even hungry, and he had been just an hour earlier.

Bridget glanced over at him just then. She held a confused look. "That..that sounds like him, but not him." She told him in a strange voice, as if she was trying to solve a very complicated puzzle. "Joseph, NO!" She snapped her fingers as she leaned foreward, aiming at the cat, which had started to claw at the material that covered the arm of the chair.

"Hey, Joey, stop that!" Severus scolded, reaching to try and pick Joey up from the arm of the chair. "What do you... mean? About Varian, that is?"

"Just..I mean, he's like that in relationships. Not..not you know..friendships." She stated, and as she said it she started to slow down in her speech. "I mean, I would know, wouldn't I?" she stared at the cat.

Shit. shit, shit SHIT. He'd said too much. Sitting up a bit more, Severus pulled Joey to rest in his arms for a moment before the cat mewed and jumped to the floor, and he sighed. "Well... yeah, you would. I don't know, maybe he's.... changed?"

Bridget actually let out a snortish chuckle and she shook her head, grinning despite herself. "Nope...He's never changed and he's not going too." She arched her eyebrows up and just looked at him as her grin moved into one of her famous puckered lipped expressions as she stared at him, as if curious.

"You're kidding. He's never changed? In all the time you've known him?" Severus couldn't help but feel... kind of sad about that. Look how much he had changed in the last three years. Things he'd never dreamed of doing, of happening to him... and he'd done them. And he didn't know if he would change any of it.

Bridget simply shook her head. "Never," she told him and also looked somewhat saddened by the thought, and then sat back in the seat. she gave Severus a bit of a stair and then narrowed her eyes slightly. "I want to ask something now, but I sort of don't....because I'm right afraid my guess might be correct..." she started to say to him.

"Then don't..." Severus said quietly, looking down at his hand as he slumped down self consciously in his seat.

Bridget seemed to chew on the inside of her lip for a moment and then looked away slightly. "Are you mad?" She asked, whispering it but loud enough for him to hear. It was meant as a rhetorical question, but somehow it needed to be answered.

"You mean at you? No. I just don't want to talk about this," Severus said quietly. God, he couldn't even look at her right now. Why'd he have to go and start complaining about Varian?

" that's not.." Bridget said and looked over at him. She pulled herself up and pushed several decorative pillows and magazines off the other end of the couch and sat back down at that end, putting herself close to Severus's chair. "You misunderstood..are you mad? Have you gone insane?" She said to him, giving him a rather straight foreward look. "You're the new one, aren't you? The one he..Daniel..told me...about..." She said, her vice getting softer as she started to be unable to hold his gaze any longer.

No, no, nonono, don't ask me about this Bridget, don't make me feel worse than I already do, Severus thought, trying not to look at her, though he couldn't look away, his expression growing sadder with each word that left her mouth. "Now what?" he whispered, dropping his gaze once she finally looked away.

"Now...?" She said and seemed to think this over. She looked at him, as if taking him in, or maybe seeing him in a new light. It was uncertain but she let out a small breath. "I don't think packing up your belongings and leaving is really going to do it, if you plan on cutting him off," Bridget stated, going right back into the conversation despite Severus's attempts to weasel out. "You're stupid if you tell me you think its this easy. He'll come after you..again and again and again...and then..he'll be trying to ruin you're new relationship with someone else, and soon the whole school will know and you'd be the laughing stock...of..I mean.." She was blinking fast, as if trying to push the wetness away in her eyes as she seemed to vocally relive the trouble she had back in school that still seemed all too real to her, as if it happened yesterday.

Obviously he wasn't going to be able to deny it to her. Hugging his arms around himself, Severus leaned his head back against the back of the chair, squeezing his eyes shut and taking a deep breath before asking in a somewhat shaky voice, "And if anything like this ever gets out, I think I'd have a little bit more to worry about than him. Are you really... okay... with knowing about anything like that?"

Bridget gave him a saddened look and then reached a hand out to rest on the arm of the chair. "I got over my past with him, so yeah, I am. A..Are you..okay with me knowing?" She asked him, and tried ot give him a reassuring grin, even though she felt a disturbance in the pit of her stomach.

"I didn't want anyone to know," he whispered, almost to himself. "I'm so scared that the wrong person will find out about it, when it never was supposed to happen. I mean.... does he always just... get his own way, with this?" It didn't really occur to him that he hadn't answered her question, and truthfully, he wasn't quite sure where that last thought had come from. Probably something he'd been thinking sub consciously for a long time.

She simply nodded, watching him with wide eyes and a turned down mouth. "Oh yes, always.." she told him. "Well, that seals it then," she said, and moved to stand, intent on getting him some tea or something. Maybe warm milk. It always comforted her when she felt like shite. "You ought to stay long as you need. Just...I wouldn't tell him....if I were you." She said to Severus as she went into the kitchen.

"Don't plan on it," he whispered to himself as she went into the kitchen. This wasn't supposed to happen. He couldn't stop thinking that, but it was true. By this time, he had started to curl up onto his side, always finding that that helped him calm down a bit. Made him feel safe. Comforted. Not much, but it was enough for now, or else he was worried he would have gotten a bit teary.

Bridget came back, a warm mug of milk held out to him. It hadn't taken long, and she sat back down, as close to him as she could without falling off the couch. "Should I cancel...the dinner?" She asked him, one hand on his arm reassuringly. "Are you afraid he'd find you here, hunt you down so to speak? I know I am..I always am. Of Them."

Actually, I wish he would act like he cared that I left instead of just being all 'OH, you'll be back! See you tomorrow' Severus thought, glancing up at her and giving her a small, grateful smile as he took the mug. "No, no, I'm... not afraid he'll find me, I'm just... I don't know. But... don't cancel the dinner just because of me, I need some time to just be somewhere I can relax for a bit instead of on edge all the time."

She nodded, understanding. 'Just be careful..I have my..honestly? I think he's dangerous. He's tied to know whos...that killed my dad." She pushed the mug of warm milk toward shim, as if urging him to take it. "I won't be out too late..unless um...well...that's not important," she blushed a little. The barrister her mother had forced her to talk to had taken a keen interest in her, regardless of Bridget's blurting out about their dog eating its own vomit over dinner one eve not too long ago. The man seemed enjoy her casualness to her speech, and the fact Bridget never seemed to actually think, instead saying whatever came to mind. Besides, the man was quite..yummy, in her opinion, if not alittle...nerdy.

"It's alright, I'm a a big boy, I can handle myself. Nobody's going to come here for anything, I'm pretty sure, right?" Severus said quietly, giving her a weak smile as he finally actually took the mug, sitting up a bit. "Thanks.. I'll try to be careful though. It's cool. You just go ahead, and have a nice date, alright?" It's more than I'll ever get... he thought depressively, taking a sip from the mug to mask the sigh that wanted to escape him at that thought.

"Then don't go out, because I don't have a spare key right now," she told him. "Keep the chain on, and for the love of everything, no funny enchantments, spells, or baracades. This is a non magical home, and I'd like it to stay that way. I've buried my wand away in a very secure and safe hiding spot and the less attention we can draw from THEM the better." She intructed him, as if he were a babysitter of some sort. One would expect her to go over a list of emergency phone numbers, but she didn't. She felt she didn't need too, as all were listed on the side of the refridgerator.

Severus just nodded to everything, looking at her with a slightly wide eyed expression. "A - all right," he said quietly. It was probably this bit more than anything that made him remember that she was older than him. For some reason, he never really thought about it much. "Really, thanks, a lot, for helping me out..."

Bridget yanked a strap attached to something from under a pile of clothes on the other chair. She managed to extract a handbag of sorts, only mildly knocking over some bits of clothes: a sock or two, one nylon, and a crumpled t-shirt. She kicked them to the side. "The sofa pulls out, it becomes a bed. If you don't mind it, really, in here..."

"No, no, I'm okay with it, really," he said, trying to reassure her. "I'll probably just... I dunno, maybe watch the tele a bit, but I'll probably just write or read, or go to sleep soon."

"Alright...well, my house is yours so...wish me luck, right? How do I look then?" She attempted to force a smile, even thought she felt about as rotten as he looked. She did a customary turn-around, having an odd time balancing on heels that she wasn't used too.

"You really do look pretty," Severus said, trying to smile, even though he felt like shite from everything that had happened.

"Good luck, and I hope you have a good time tonight," he added quickly.

Bridget really did grin this time, and moved over to him. She paused once she got next to his chair, and quickly placed a chaste kiss (more of a peck) to his forehead. "Thanks," she said, and then backed up. "Try not to set fire to anything," she said, and then turned towards the door.
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