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September 5th Early Afternoon

Gideon Prewett, Fabian Prewett, and Alice Townsend

She kept staring at the empty seat in front of her. Alice didn't hear a word Fabian said, she was too worried about Frank, about why he wasn't in class and she was terrified that something had happened. In fact if anything did she would feel responsible, as she had chosen not to say anything. Fuck now she had to, and she wasn't sure how to go about it or how much trouble she was about to be in. Why did life always have a way of screwing people over?

Fabian had progressed to a stage of actually writing and drawing things out, not trusting charming a quill to write on the large roll of posted parchment to look like a bulletin board (to work commonly like a Muggle dry-erase board), enough to do so as his mind moved far more quickly than his wand could. That day he was lecturing on types of conflicts, motivations for the offensive, defensive, examples of strategies and so on.. The class was doing well so far, and by the looks of it, would get to be released from class on time that day, which it was nearing just then..

Could she feel any worse? Alice sat there still staring at the vacant space and waited until the class was over, not moving from her seat. "Mr. Prewett, may I have a word with you?" She asked, keeping her voice professional.

He turned to look at her, eyebrows raised as the class filtered out. "Yes, of course," he said, walking to his desk to get his wand to send a casual flick to the parchment he was writing on so as to have it disappear in an instant. Too bad for any students wanting to grab some last minute notes.

Alice didn't move from her desk, afraid that she might try to just leave if she did. "I know why Frank Longbottom isn't here," she said after a long moment. "He decided to go on...his own mission of sorts, but he was supposed to be back today; in time for class." There it was out there and Alice pressed her lips together still looking at Frank's empty seat.

Fabian leaned against his desk, folding his arms across his chest as he thought over that. "Longbottom expressed his plans to go on his own.. adventure?" With the last word, Fabian really couldn't help himself. "He told me about this, but you know he's done that for sure?"

She simply nodded. "He said someone was in danger, he wanted me to go but I said no and he said he was going, him and a few other people." Alice looked down at her desk.

"He asked me not to say anything, I...I thought he would be back today like he said and when he wasn't here..."

"As your instructor and member of the Ministry, I can say that this information is greatly appreciated, and it was a very good idea to say something.." Oh Lord, it was awfully awkward talking like that (especially to Alice), but.. it was necessary with the job. "And if you'll excuse me, I need to do a few things in light of this news."

At least he wasn't mad. She was certain he would be since she had known about it for quite some time. This certainly wasn't something she was going to point out to him though, and simply nodded. "See you later Fabian." She stood up and walked toward the door. "See you in a few hours," she said softly and walked out to disapparate home.

Ah home. It was wonderful just to relax as it wasn’t something Gideon did very often. Jenna was away at a Bridge meeting and the dog was sleeping soundly on the rug. Things didn’t get any better than this, which is…why he shouldn’t have been surprised when they got worse. There was a loud tapping at his window and then an alarmed hooting. He stumbled out of the recliner and across the room raising the pane and letting the frazzled creature in his house. It was tired, and thirty as it drank all the water Gideon sat out for it. The owl was an odd one, not one he recognized from those parts. Carefully he pulled open a scroll with official French Ministry heading. Oh God. His eyes scanned the page; several people had been killed in connection with what was thought to be a terrorist attack. The back story or what could be put together so far was that there was a group of rouge agents, something of that sort after something or someone. People were dead, not just one but at least three, possibly more with only who knew how many injured. Gideon rubbed his eyes and then scanned down the list of English Citizens registered at the Hostel.

Frank Longbottom.

The name seemed to jump out at him. That fucking idiot. All of a sudden his conversation with Fabian that morning came back to him. He had simply dismissed what had been said, figuring Frank would be back, perhaps travel problems, but now he saw what was going on, and…Alice had known. She had bloody known what that bastard was going to go do and she had chosen not to say anything. Too bad for her that she was here to be yelled at and he wasn’t for all he knew Frank could be dead; and at this point he was blaming it on Alice. Gideon apparated to Fabian’s flat banging hard on the door, the owl in his hand.

There was the typical unlocking of the door and it opened to reveal a confused looking Fabian. It was the combination of the loud, desperate knocking and the one who'd been doing so that created the confusion. He took it that it meant any news but good news. That's how it ended up being, right? "Yes, Gid'?"

"Where is she?" Gideon asked in a grim voice. He pushed the scroll flat against Fabian's chest as he stalked into the flat slamming the door behind him. "ALICE," he yelled. She appeared around the corner of the hallway giving him a bewildered look. He crossed the living room in four strides, grabbing her by both shoulders and giving her a hard shake. "Can you give me one good FUCKING reason you didn't come say something the SECOND you knew what Frank was doing?! People are DEAD ALICE," he yelled not caring that he was obviously upsetting her.

Alice let out a surprised yelp at being physically shaken. She stared up at him cringing as his voice got louder. She blinked, pressing her lips together but not responding other than the cringing she had already done. "But I--I didn't think.."

He cut her off. "Exactly you didn't fucking think, you're not a child and by god if you don't start acting more like an adult you can kiss the Auror program GOODBYE."

Fabian first looked at the scroll oddly, but his blue eyes quickly went to Gideon in his tangible fury. Fabian glared, widening his eyes a little at Gideon's out of the blue fucking insanity. "What is the problem here?" He asked loudly, walking up to the two. "Longbottom told me he was going to go as well. You got the information, Gideon. What the fuck does it matter?" No one treated Alice like that, especially not Gideon.

Gideon let Alice go, the force of the release enough to send her stumbling backwards. "What does it matter," Gideon stated in an eerily smooth voice. "Tell that to the families who have now lost people in a situation that could have been prevented." He turned back to look at her, glaring daggers. "From now on you had better understand who you report to young lady, shaking up with an Auror doesn't excuse you from the rules." That was probably over the line, but he was furious and distraught, he was going to have to answer for having one of his trainee's in a spot where an incident just happened to occur.

Oh, slowly Gideon wasn't the only one that was at that level of pissed off, as Fabian was nearing it. "You can't possibly think any of that was her fault! Use the bloody brain you have, Gideon!! And I hope, for your goddamn sake, that you're planning on apologizing to her.." He wasn't at yelling just yet, which showed exactly how upset he was. There was no excuse for how rude (not to mention irrational) Gideon was being. No.fucking.excuse.

Alice looked between them both her eyes wide. After a moment they both were nice and distracted and she made her get away, scrambling into their room and locking the door. Gideon heard her move and turned to watch the train of blonde hair that flew behind her as she all but ran. He was starting to feel kind of bad, but not near enough to apologize to her; she was the one who hadn't done her duty of informing him of what was going on.

"Fabian how long has she known about this hmm? And she waits until the day Frank doesn't come back, until it's too late for us to do anything, until there are buildings toppled and people dead. And now she wants to talk; now she wants to spill. I'm sorry if I expect more out of her than you do."

That last statement of Gideon's earned a good glare. "And what exactly was she going to reveal what we didn't already know!?"

"We knew that he wanted a mission, we knew that he said he might have something going down, but then he wouldn't reveal his source, I didn't know he was actually GOING, and she knew details that might have helped Fabian, can you see I can't justify this what are we going to say to the Minister when she asks what an Auror trainee was doing in France and more importantly why didn't anyone know, and I have to say that well one of the other students knew but didn't say anything because he asked her not to?" Gideon didn't even blink at his brother's glare, the last thing he was, was afraid of Fabian.

To ask Gideon to try and put himself in her position wouldn't exactly work, Fabian knew, because the git would probably have gone straight to the Ministry to tell all about his idiot friend. And this wasn't exactly the kind of mistake that Fabian could ask be forgiven.. not when Gideon was reacting to his degree. Not to say that Fabian wasn't upset at the whole thing, but the lot of his anger was waiting for the moment he got to speak with Mr. Longbottom himself. He frowned as he glanced away in thought.
No, of course he wasn't going to admit that Gideon was right. He was, but he was also wrong. "So that earns her the treatment you gave her just seconds ago?"

Gideon shook his head. "I told you this would cause problems. She's an Auror Fabian, not just your girlfriend. I just gave her the exact same treatment you or I would have gotten and not even close to the treatment that I'm going to get tomorrow over this." Oh and Frank Longbottom. He had better bring an armed Guard to protect himself if he made it back to England alive.

Okay, so Fabian knew he was biased in his argument. He'd be stupid to say he wasn't. He couldn't be objective when it came to Alice in that moment even if he tried with all his heart. "That far from makes it right. You have no right to do what you did, and you know it. You should have waited until you cooled off before talking to her." Which was far unlike Gideon, Fabian knew this. But there was still hope. "Not only that, but she isn't even close to being deep into training yet. Where she is now grants her more leniencies. Alice has done damn well so far in this course. It's common action to make a mistake. Would she have been able to predict what scale of mistake by not talking? I don't think any of us were able to guess prior to the event that anyone was going to die, but that he'd probably end up finding nothing if he decided to go, get hurt out of his own stupidity, at most."

"Don't expect an apology from me Fabian," Gideon said calmly. "What I did just guaranteed that it's a mistake that she will never make again. I'm not going to punish her for it and that is more than I would grant most people." He took the owl back from his brother. "I suggest you be in early tomorrow we are going to have to figure out how to explain this and right now I don't have a single fucking answer." With that he gave a nod and then disapparated still furious as he unlocked his own door.

The door to the bedroom opened and a small tear stained face appeared. Alice wiped her nose, sniffing as she walked back into the living room. "I'm sorry," she said sadly clenching a handful of her hair. "I didn't know...Fabian I didn't know it was going to turn into this."

He glanced over at Alice, unsure if he should speak or not as he was very pissed off and didn't want any of that anger directed toward her. So, Fabian just kept quiet, but softened his features so as to let her know that way that he wasn't upset at her.

She sat down on the couch and burst out bawling, burying her head in her hands. People were dead...Frank could be dead, fuck if she would ever keep her mouth shut ever again.

And easily as that, his heart broke seeing her do that.. Fabian quickly moved to sit next to her and hugged her tightly, maybe so as to absorb some, if not all of her sadness.

And miraculously she didn't push him away and actually turned to push against him wanting to be held, wanting to be told it was going to be okay. "I'm sorry I'm sorry," she sobbed over and over again. Horrible Auror; she was going to be a horrible Auror.

Oh, did he ever feel horrible. Fabian never wanted her to feel pain, never wanted her to cry, or hurt, or anything. He wanted to protect her always. "Alice... don't torment yourself over this... you didn't know... you didn't know…"

"People died, they wouldn't have if I would have just...said something I'm so sorry," she crawled all the way in his lap, clinging to him for the moment only able to remember what it was like to be told her father was dead. Was that happening to another girl right now?

He looked down at her, eyebrows pressed together. "You can't possibly blame yourself for their deaths. You can't. It was just as likely that no one was going to get hurt in this."

"Gideon hates me," she said having finally stopped crying. Her cheeks were blotchy and she was sniffing, trying to compose herself. "Has anyone heard from Frank? Is he alright?" She was miserable and simply wanted to sleep, at least then she wouldn't have to think.

Fabian thought that as far as Gideon was concerned at that moment, Gideon could jump off a cliff for all he cared. "No. I don't know." He frowned and softly dried her cheeks with his palm.

She looked up at him, her lips jutted out at a light pout. "Am I in trouble?" Alice asked in a very soft voice.

"Not if I have anything to say about it," he answered. "We'll work this through, Alice. I promise you."

"Okay," she whispered softly, swallowing back more tears. Alice laid her head on his chest, her hands holding onto his shirt.

Fabian exhaled slowly as he held her, leaning back into the couch. He probably wasn't going to go to work the following day, nor the one after that. He was far too upset at Gideon to do so.

She had him, and that was all that mattered. He wasn't angry with her and at the end of the day his opinion was the one that mattered. Alice felt rather silly for having gotten so upset in front of him, though not as much as she would have had it been anyone else. It sometimes bothered her how easily she let him see her cry.

After a moment of peaceful silence, Fabian spoke. "Feel any better?"

"Not really," she said rather dryly though stood up, trying to regain her sense of attitude and power that usually kept her apart from such displays. "But not much I can do about it now." She smiled at him and then turned to go back to their bedroom already feeling the facade start to crash.

Once he was completely alone, he stood and followed into the bedroom. Her being so sad made him feel more attached and protective of her than ever, so he really didn't want to leave her side. He felt as if he did, for too long, she'd shatter, or something similar.

Alice looked up from the bed and gave him a light smile. "Hey," she said softly and then moved over to give him room. Alice found it rather cute that he had followed her and gave him a rather demure look. "You don't have to worry about me, if you have things you need to do I'll be okay." Two tissues lay next to her, and she was working really hard to seem as happy as she felt she needed to be to make him not worry.

He smiled a little and settled into bed next to her, again placing his arms around her, almost acting as if maybe it was he that needed to be held instead. Once getting comfortable, he spoke. "I don't have anything to do, don't worry."

She snuggled against him, enjoying his company and feeling comfortable against his warm inviting form. "I love you," Alice said softly, glancing over at him as her fingers traced A's on the trousers he was wearing.

"I love you too," he returned in a matching tone, and after a moment, faintly smiled at her.

She leaned in and kissed him lightly, her cheeks still a bit damp and hot. Alice didn't want to think anymore, as it served to do nothing but upset her. In fact she had no intention of saying anything on the topic of Frank or his escapades until she was forced.

She snuggled against him, enjoying his company and feeling comfortable against his warm inviting form. "I love you," Alice said softly, glancing over at him as her fingers traced A's on the trousers he was wearing.

"I love you too," he returned in a matching tone, and after a moment, faintly smiled at her.

She leaned in and kissed him lightly, her cheeks still a bit damp and hot. Alice didn't want to think anymore, as it served to do nothing but upset her. In fact she had no intention of saying anything on the topic of Frank or his escapades until she was forced.

He returned the kiss, and rested his head against hers. Thinking on it, he felt more tired than he realized. Hm, some things were far too emotionally taxing than he thought..

Alice pushed against his neck, her arm draped over his chest. It wasn't long before her eyes closed all the way and she drifted to sleep, conflicts forgotten as she inhaled the way he smelled.

Fabian, on the other hand, did not directly fall asleep. He watched her sleep while his mind drifted and eventually got himself to stealthily pull away from her. He remembered that the news should be sent to the Order, whether they already know or not. For, like many other instances, the time called for a meeting. So, for a little while at least, he busied himself with writing letters to send later.

When she finally woke up Alice wondered up behind him wrapping her arms around his back until her fingers were splayed out on his chest. "Hey," she said nuzzling against his back.

Fabian leaned back against her and looked over his shoulder up at her. "Hey..."

"I'm going to try and owl Frank" she said with a determined expression. "Maybe I'll get an answer."

Fabian nodded in understanding. "Alright.. We can go together to send the letters."

She gave him a bright smile, looking for all the world like everything was perfectly back to normal and fixed before sitting down near him and jotting out a note. It was short and sweet and she rolled it up, tying it with a bit of twine as she waited on him.

He finished up in little time, being he had been up writing as it were. He rolled and tied up the letters similarly and stood.

She gave him a look that said ready?" And then grabbed hers as well.

"Meet you at the Ministry owlry," he said before Disapparating. It was going to be a quick trip, for Fabian didn't want anyone he knew trying to stop him and talk to him.

She started to say okay but he was gone before the word got out of her mouth. Alice disapparated as well managing somehow to land with her foot in owl crap. Disgusting. She grabbed the nearest owl and after cooing at it, attached the letter.
He looked over at her while fastening his final scroll. He only carried three, so it hardly took him any great amount of time to do anything with them. He smiled a little. "Alright! Let's go!"

Alice grinned and disapparated back home falling comfortable back on their bed. "Today has officially been one of the worst of my life," she said raising her head up to look around the room. "I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Frank will respond." her tone was far lighter than she was actually feeling.

He sat onto the bed and took off his shoes before sliding into bed next to her. Fabian sighed lightly, not out of sadness but more to simply relax more. "I hope he does..."

"And when he does I plan to tell him that he can shove Paris and anything else he wants directly into his ass," she added firmly before turning to curl against his body.

Fabian slid his arms around her. "Good idea.." he yawned. "You may prep him for what he'll be getting from the Ministry.."

Alice crawled up on him looking down at his face. "Is he in alot of trouble?" She asked, resting her chin on his chest. Well if Gideon's reaction to her was any sign of what was going to happen...she almost felt sorry for him.

"A lot of trouble lightly explains it," he answered.

She was torn. A part of her wanted him to be in as much trouble as he deserved, both because it had caused such a scene and also out of the fear she had over him having done such a thing. But at the same time…."You know he's not a bad person," Alice started gently kissing his chest over the top of his shirt, mainly as a way of keeping the conversation from getting too heavy. "He just did what he thought he should."

"Mmhmm," Fabian said softly. What she had to say would hardly change whichever punishment he was going to get.

Alice looked up from his chest, legs settling on either side of his waist as she pushed up, her weight resting on his groin. "He's not getting kicked out is he?"

He exhaled. "I can't answer that question."

"Can you give me a hint?" she prodded, still trying to keep him slightly distracted just in case her questions might have bothered him.

"No," he answered, hint in the tone of his voice to have her stop looking for answers.

Alice glanced at Fabian and pressed down with her hips starting to rock them. "I just...he wouldn't have done something if he had thought it was going to happen like this."

He placed her hands onto her hips so as to have her stop, for although his body was reacting otherwise, her tactic of doing that with the air of the conversation wasn't a very good idea. "Of course not."

Alice got the hint and stopped, sighing deeply. "Okay I'll shut up now," she muttered trying not to look as sheepish as she felt. Sure it probably wasn't fair but she simply was trying to keep him from getting upset with her questions, even if he didn't want to answer them. Alice reached down placing her hands over his. "Sorry," she said softly rubbing her thumps along his skin.

He nodded, to show he understood, as Fabian wasn't going to get mad at her right after what happened with Gideon. "It's okay," he said softly.

Alice reached down softly running her fingers down his cheek. "I love you," she said feeling even worse that he wasn't even upset. Alice leaned down further to kiss him, her hands resting on either side of his head.

Fabian kissed her back, tilting his head up to do so. "I love you too," he returned sincerely. "No matter what, I'll always love you."

She smiled at him, pleased as always with how freely he said those words. "And I you Mr. Prewett, forever and ever."

He returned the smile and kissed her again. Indeed there wasn't anything that would have him love her any less than he did. There only existed things to strengthen his love, not weaken it.

Alice kissed him again and then started down his neck onto his chest. Her fingers wrapped through his hair affectionately.

His hands left her wait so that he placed his arms around her. Fabian always felt the most comfortable like that - that she was his.. always.

Alice snuggled against him. Being the smaller of the two of them it was perfectly comfortable and easy for her to lay on top of him like this without it being an ordeal. She was particularly fond of touching skin and did just that, her hands sliding under his shirt and resting on his chest as she lay her cheek down over the top of both them and his shirt. "Will you love me even if I get kicked out of the program?" she asked only half joking, at least they would lose the main point over which they argued if that was so.

"You're not going to get kicked out of the program," Fabian told her confidently.

If he told her the sky was purple and talked she would have believed him and she smiled, all her fears instantly vanishing as if he had taken and thrown them away.

Fabian kissed the top of her head with a smile. "But I'd have to find a new girlfriend who was going to become an Auror if that did happen.."

She raised her head slowly, cocking an eyebrow at him. "If you could find one that would have you," Alice said trying to look serious even though she was having trouble not smiling at him.

"Am I that unbearable?" he asked in a cute mock sadness.

"Only when you're awake," Alice said sweetly.

"Then how can you ever stand being around me for this long?" He sweetly kissed her forehead. "Must have been torture, by how you're describing it."

"Probably has to do with being in love or something like that," she closed her eyes as his lips grazed her forehead, raising her chin until she found his lips with hers kissing him deeply. He was most certainly bearable...even enjoyable 99.9% of the time.

Fabian kissed her back, moving his lips perfectly with hers. Oh, how he loved her, every single bit of her, and could never seem to get enough.

Alice opened her mouth further, her tongue shyly pushing against his. She started forgetting about the problems with Frank and even those with Gideon, too caught up in his kisses to care at least for the moment being

Certainly, kissing Alice was near magical. He felt connected, comfortable, and like it was a sign that he was doing something well, that life was working out. Or, perhaps rather.. all his hard work, balancing out everything, fighting the 'bad guys', it was all to protect the one he had in his arms at that very moment.
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