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Tuesday afternoon
Rabastan and Travis

Rabastan sat outside, taking yet another enjoyed break from the Common Room. All of his wonderful housemates were more irritating than usual at being stressed over the exams and, they were simply more than he could tolerate. He exhaled and extended his legs out before him, and leaned backward casually. Rabastan closed his eyes halfway, staring up at the blank sky. Blank.. Exactly how he felt most of the time.

He found solace outside, the stillness and heat of the summer was already scorching the grass, causing it to shrivel up and die. He wanted to lay in it, and stay too long into the sun. However, today he didn't. Instead he walked along the path, hands in pockets, head beant down.

Sitting up, he leaned foreward, slowly letting his head fall foreward as well. After a long, silent moment of staring at his legs, he returned to himself, and got to his feet. As he stood, Rabastan brushed the bits of grass off of himself.

Travis stopped nearby, and scracthed his head. he was lost, obviously. He didn't know where the hell he was, and the more he wandered the more he got lost. He stood where he was, watching for any sign of movement.

He yawned, not even noticing Travis and stretched out his arms and upper back, having lounged outside for quite the while. There simply was no problem with OWLS except for the idiots that were taking it. Rabastan sighed again, and straightened, his brown eyes at last turning towards Travis. He arched a dark eyebrow, not saying anything.

Travis looked at him blankly, the surprise he had quickly disappearing. He swallowed hard and worked his mouth to say soemthing but nothing came out

Rabastan continued to stare for a good long moment. Then, letting out a smirk, he slowly looked away, acting as if he'd never spoken to Travis before in his life. With his hair falling over his brow and shadowing it as it usually did, he folded his arms across his chest and continued to remain silent. Wilkes was nothing to him. He was just a poor, pathetic fool. One who would end up wasting his time more than anything else.

"Are you alone?" Travis asked finally, even though Rabastan was obviously alone.

"What does it look like?" he returned with another question, not answering his own. His blank expression didn't change as he spoke, and he didn't turn his head to look at Travis either.

"I have to talk to you," he says, in an almost hushed tone, as if he thought someone was listening in.

Tilting his head to the side, Rabastan moved his eyes to look at Travis. "Then talk," he simply ordered. Rabastan moved his left foot behind his right and turned, now facing Travis.

He straightened his stance and stared at him. "I didn't tell anyone. I didn't speak a word! Call off your boy."

He looked pale and tired as ever, andnow shooken up.

Rabastan rose his eyebrows. "Oh? Crouch?" He gave a careless shrug. "He wanted to impress me so I had him do something for me, and at the moment, it was to speak to you."

"Looks like he at last did his job," he commented, folding his arms across his chest, and pressed all of his weight onto one foot.

"More like accuse me!" He said, his voice pitching high. "I would never! I would never betray you like that!"

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, wanting to smile. Travis would never-.. never betray him. However, Rabastan continued to speak as if he were quite bored. "So I left out the details and Crouch was forced to fill in the gaps all on his own. So what? Deal with it."

"Its...not fair." He whispers.

"I have too much to deal with it as it is. The only relief Iget is doing what you told me to do."

"Nothing is fucking fair," he says quickly, with a bit of anger, almost interrupting him. Rabastan had lowered his brow and glared.

"It should be!" He says, his voice so low its almost quiet.

Rabastan rolled his eyes. "Is that all you ever do? Whine all the fucking time?" Yes... Travis was very much starting to be a waste of his time. And at this moment, Rabastan was trying to choose whether he could just walk away, or go back inside the castle.

"No!" He says, and he pulls his sleeve up. "I do this!" He shoves his arm out.

Casting his eyes downward at his arm, Rabastan couldn't get himself to look away. He couldn't even speak. It was the first time since that moment in the forest that he'd seen the cuts on Travis's wrist and forearm, and this time, there were... more. Fingertips trembling, he reached out with his left hand, wanting just to try and feel the pain Travis had caused himself. But the moment before he did so, Rabastan gave a nasty glare and quickly returned his arm to his side. "And?" he asked, sounding unimpressed.

"It hurt," he hissed.

"It hurt so much, I nearly fainted several times."

"What do you expect me to do?" He scoffed. "Jump for joy that you didn't faint or that you actually cut yourself properly without me telling you to do so?"

"But you did tell me," he says.

"Not then I didn't," Rabastan replied defensively, nodding towards his arm. Yes, his response was somewhat childish, but he didn't care. As long as he was right.

"And I'm going to keep doing it," he says, yankingh is arm back sharply.

He stared at Travis, pressing his eyebrows together. Then, at letting out a smirk that was close to a small laugh, he nodded slowly. "...This is what you wanted to do then? Make a completely pointless conversation about absolutely nothing? Why thank you for wasting my time." Rabastan turned  away from him, and started to walk away.

He stares at him, blankly. He suddenly felt like a very big fool, and he started thinking hateful thoughts about himself.

He slumped down to the grass and pressed his hands to his face. How could he of been so stupid, he asked himself. Why did he bother doing anything??

Feeling the spontaneous urge to stop walking, he did so and turned his head to look at Travis. Seeing him sitting on the ground like that made Rabastan smile. He still had that power of control over Wilkes (not that it was very hard to do control him). "What?" Rabastan couldn't help but laugh. "Are you going to fucking cry again?"

"No!" He said in a strained voice, and forced himself to stand...slowly.

"Good," he said flatly.

"Not..crying," he mumbles as he tries to walk away, sniffing hard.

Tilting his head back, he laughed again, hearing Wilkes sniffle. "Fuck.. yes you are!"  Letting his head fall foreward, he grinned a dark grin.

He looked back over his shoulder, and made a small gasp at seeing him look like that. He then turns quickly, stumbling, before picking up his pace, running off as if he was running from death.
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