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June 20, 1976 - Journal (around 2:56 am)

Insomnia is a wonderful thing. So, since I can't sleep, for my last entry of this school year, I'd like to take this time to say a few things to everyone.

Severus. Looks like I'll be owling you at Corinna's to see about practices, correct? If you are still interested, of course. It would be a shame to see you waste your talent by not using it. (Plus, honestly, I haven't heard many people your age who can sing like that. You're going places.) Let me know, and we'll work something out. Also... Have you ever tried your hand at writing lyrics?

Avery, my best mate. Perhaps now we can put the Diggory issue somewhat behind us after his little bout of public 'outing'. Masterfully done, and if you ever need me to do a favour, you know I'll gladly do it. Also, about the band. I was wondering if we could perhaps use your basement for practices, as your folks are a bit more lenient than mine. Also, once we get a for sure from Walden and Severus, we can decide on what type/style of music we want to play, and get to work on writing more originals. Though, truthfully, mate... Not sure how great your lyrics are, if we're being serious.

Walden. Here's hoping that your exam scores were high enough to ensure you get that bass, roomie. You're a smart lad, I'm sure you managed, but every little bit helps. Besides, it will be great to have three of my good friends in the band. Also.... Have you ever tried your hand at writing lyrics?

Bella. I know you will likely not forget this for a long while, but thank you, once again, for your part in the plan. Anything you ask in return will be yours, and I will keep my promise to keep your involvement as secret as possible. Have a wonderful summer and as I'm sure mother will arrange for our families to get together at some point, it is likely that I will see you sometime during the summer..

Corinna. Here's wishing you the best for your OWL scores. Also, I do hope you will encourage Severus with his singing and the band. I think it's rather obvious that he values your opinion above most other people. At that, you also have a free invitation from myself, at least, to be present at practices if you so choose to be.

Katie. Have fun on your trip... and don't get into too much trouble.

Regulus. Be careful with her. That's all I ask. Have a good summer.

Miranda. My sincerest apologies that the kiss you were so (seemingly) looking forward to did not come to pass. Perhaps next year. Have a wonderful summer.

Rodolphus and Rabastan. Don't kill each other. And try to have a good summer.

Bartholemew. Perhaps you might try paying a little more attention to your studies, from the things I've heard. Have a good summer, none-the-less.

Dorcas. It's a shame you arrived so late in the year. Perhaps we'll see more of you next year? Either way, have a good summer.

Raithen. Personally, I like the new look, my dear. Forgive me for being a bit late on the ball, but exams, you know. You are an attractive young lady, and I wish you all the best in whatever you're aiming for. Have a great summer.

Milana. Not everything is a conspiracy, my dear. You'll live through the summer and be back here before you know it. Though I suppose you have the right of it in that a little caution, at least, is prudent. Have a good summer.

To the Gryffindors. I suppose congratulations are in order for winning the Quidditch Cup, at least. I would, however, suggest to some of you that you cease and desist with the harrassment of a few of my Housemates.

Caradoc. Congratulations on making Head Boy. At least someone of intelligence got the position. Have a good summer.

Andromeda. Congratulations on making Head Girl. I, personally, think you'll do a great job. Have a good summer.

To the rest of the Ravenclaws. Have a good summer, and try to have at least a little bit of fun over the holidays. Learning isn't always just about book work.

Rosmerta. Congratulations on doing a fine job as Head Girl, and on the new restaurant. I'll be sure to stop by on the Hogsmeade trips next year. Have a good summer.

To the rest of the Hufflepuffs. Better luck next year on the Quidditch Cup. Have a good summer.

Another year gone. I'm sure I did well enough on my studies, as usual. It will be enough to appease my standards, anyway, and mother and father's. The social part of the year was quite different than usual. Quite a bit more excitement than there was last year. The biggest surprise was Severus, really. I've known him for the last five years, and I never would have pegged him as the artistic type. He's always been the skinny, gangly little dark haired kid in the corner, so to speak, hardly speaking a word to anyone (other than Corinna and Walden) unless they say something first. Always with his nose stuck in a book and always studying or writing in these journals. I certainly never would have guessed his musical preferences, or that he has such a powerful stage presence. And I even missed his performance at the talent show. Pity. No wonder Walden kept telling me to ask the boy to join the band. I must say, I hope Potter and Black's little stunt on the eighth doesn't discourage him from still going through with joining the band... but if need be, I'll enlist Walden and Corinna's (she is the key to the whole thing) help in convincing him.

Speaking of social issues. I find myself quite pleased at the success of my plan to get back at Amos Diggory. Of course, there was the minor setback of one Rosmerta Bristol doing damage control.... But then, there were quite a few witnesses to the boy's temper. That stigma should still significantly tarnish his perfect reputation enough for next year to be rougher on him. Thank Salazar he wasn't made Head Boy.

And thank Salazar I'm finally getting tired.

Fellow Slytherins, here's hoping we won the inter-House Cup this year. We shall see at the Leaving Feast tonight.
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