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Order meeting September 1st 1978

Hestia did a quick once over of her home. Things were...tidy enough, she had never been one to pick and fuss over small amounts of dust of clutter on the table. Megan was working a night shift at the hospital, making it possible for her to host the order meeting for once. They were going to have to come up with a permanent location, the only problem with that was the incredible danger it posed at having it be in someone's house. It wasn't a risk she was willing to take, or even one she would have let any of the other members consider. She mentally noted to bring that up once Fabian got there. It had been just under a month since the last meeting, but a distressed owl from Gideon had prompted her into hosting a get together. There was comfort in numbers, or at least that was the way she looked at things. She had also invited a young man named Kingsley who happened to work at the ministry in the futagive tracking department.

Marlene was the first to arrive at Hestia's door, thanks to James being her new boss, it was a lot easier for her to make time for Order meetings. Blonde hair in a pony tail, she knocked upon the door just minutes after Apparating before it. She, as any other, hoped only good news would come from that meeting.

The door swung open revealing the grinning face of Hestia. "Hey Blondie!" She said cheerfully, "come on in!" She gestured into the house glancing around for other's but not seeing them yet.

Gideon made up an excuse of a work meeting and kissed Jenna goodbye before apparating over to Hestia's, knocking on the door before shoving his hands in his pockets, his demeanor still antsy for the worry that had stayed with him the last few days.

Hestia was about to offer Marlene a drink when she heard another knock. "Help yourself to whatever you want!" She called over her shoulder, moving to the door. "Good to see you Gideon." Hestia's tone was unusually warm and she gave him a comforting smile before ushering him in. "There's drinks and stuff in the kitchen, get whatever you want!"

Marlene exited the kitchen with her typical cup of tea when Gideon came into the home. She smiled and took a drink. "Good evening, Gideon," Marlene said before going and sitting down.

He gave her a nod and a bit of a pressed grin before walking into the kitchen and getting himself a cup of tea also. He sat down next to Marley. "So how is it, working for Mr. Potter?" The smirk on his face was priceless, though he tried to hide behind the tea cup.

It would've been quite the innocent inquiry, save without the smirk on his face. Marlene narrowed her eyes, though expressions quickly softening. "It's nice, thank you."

"I still have trouble seeing him own anything, not sure he should even be trusted with a fish." Gideon grinned again and then patted her knee, just to show he was more of less kidding. He knew Marley had a soft spot for James.

"Where's Mr. Pretty Eyes?" Hestia asked, dropping into a chair across from the other two.

"Fulfilling his reputation to be late," Marlene said, placing the cup down onto a low table beside her.

Hestia just laughed, never being one to be that concerned with much of anything. What was five minutes? It wasn't like it was imperative he be there that second. "You ever going to loosen up on him Marley?" She asked, though the question was friendly.

She smiled. "Not in the near future..," Marlene answered honestly and sweetly. Not that she had anything against Fabian, it was just how she came out to treat him.

Gideon knew better than to say anything, he just gave a light cough and frowned, hoping the topic would move away from his younger brother. "He is always there when you need him," he couldn't help adding.

To which there was a knock on the door. He even seemed to arrive on cue. "And that I do agree," Marlene replied honestly, reaching for her tea.

"I'll go let the late one in," Hestia said, hauling herself up and jogging to the door. She made a show of looking down at her watch after opening the door, though the humorous glint in her eyes probably gave her away.

"Evening Hestia... am I that late?" he asked with a near amused sort of frown. Since when did Hestia really ever care anyway?

She started laughing. "Not to me, but other parties might disagree," she trailed off with an amused raise of her eyebrows. "Come in Blue eyes, grab a drink and have a seat."

Fabian smiled and stepped inside Hestia's home, closing the door behind him. Then, he quickly got himself a drink and found himself a seat.

Gideon looked over at his younger brother with a nod, even giving him a small smile. "Good to see you junior." He wouldn't ask why he was a bit late, as he didn't give a damn, and hopefully Marley would leave him alone, though Gideon wasn't counting on it.

Marlene, however, chose to simply nod to Fabian. Thanks to Hestia, she was going to lay off on being so harsh that evening. One might thank Marlene's good mood as well.

"Hello to you too, old man," Fabian said and took a quick drink. "Shall we start this meeting then?"

"Well, I know it's rather odd of me to be calling a meeting of any sort, but I think I have a lead.." Hestia looked so excited her usually pink cheeks were nearly red. "After Dorcas talking about Lestrange, I did a bit of nosing around the ministry, and since we figured out he's managing a band, I looked into who was in the band..and you remember that guy I told you was snooping and prowling around? His name is Varian Avery, and he's a guitarist in some group with a bunch of other Slytherins."

His eyebrows pressed together and Fabian leaned back thoughtfully. "Then I suggest we look more into each of the band members, anyone close to them, and even more so into Avery."

Gideon gave Hestia an admiring look. “I must say that’s impressive, good show.” He gave her a smile and saluted her with his cup of tea before downing the rest of it.

She smiled back, her cheeks still pink. “I just stumbled upon it really, nothing but luck, however I am glad that we have something concrete to work on.”

Marlene nodded thoughtfully, picking up her cup of tea and tapping her fingernails along it as her mind worked away before taking a drink. "I think we really should work with it, just to see what comes of it."

Gideon wrote notes down, frowning as he added script about Lestrange and the possible Dorcas connection. "Hestia did you find out anything about other band members?" She nodded, saying that she did and then listed the names. "Does anyone know any of them?"

Fabian only took a few seconds to think on that and was quickly shaking his head from side to side. "No. I wouldn't. I don't really have much of any time to pay attention to that."

Hestia looked at him for a moment. "The ages vary, but I believe most of the band members graduated last June." Her eyes looked serious for a moment, and then suddenly she looked up. "Fabian didn't most of your students graduate last year?"

He'd just figured on that the exact moment she did and blinked at the perfect situation that had fallen into place. "You're exactly right. I'll get right onto getting some names.. Said they were in Slytherin, right?" Fabian frowned. "Would be very useful if Dorcas was here.. We certainly need more varying members incorporated into the Order."

Gideon sighed. "This is true, we do need more people, I have been trying to think of names we could consider, but most people qualified have been in the ministry too long to consider such a rogue operation."

Hestia nodded "We need young people, maybe with some ideas, perhaps your class would be good candidates?" She looked at Fabian questioningly.

Fabian's dark eyebrows raised. "Maybe, but as for now, certainly not. However, I may consider a few of them once my class finishes. But now… not even."

"We can't exactly make our organization huge," Marlene spoke up. "We'd be found out a lot sooner that way…think about it. Sure, more members would help, but would also make it more risky for us to meet."

Gideon just shrugged. "Right now with so little going on, it seems pointless to add too many people anyway."
Hestia looked around at all of them. "I agree with you Marlene, but eventually we will have to consider making it a bit bigger, we need more diverse talents, and we also have to consider what will happen if one of us or more gets hurt, the cause has to move on."

"We'll simply have to be more selective is all," Fabian said. "That way, we gain members-" Fabian looked at Marlene "-but not many.. and those that we're sure we can trust. And, we don't need to rush into it either."

Marlene nodded. "That'll work.."

As if on que there was a knock on the door. Hestia looked up and then glanced around the room. "I told you all a while back that I had talked to Kingsley...I told him to stop by tonight for drinks with a few friends. If you think he should be included then that is a decision that can be made when we get there." With that she stood, moving to the door and a cheerful greeting could be heard followed by steps in the hall.

As Hestia went for the door Fabian sighed. It seemed things were becoming more complicated by the passing day and he wasn't sure he could divide his mind, his focus any more and still work effectively. All the things with the class, new things with the order, and everything else.. Certainly was becoming a heavy load.

Gideon's eyebrow furrowed as his eyes followed first Hestia and then fell on his brother. He sighed, junior looked much too old to be only 21. Gid shook his head, wondering if anything could be done, and deciding to make it a point to follow him after the meeting.

Hes introduced Kingsley and had him sit down, giving the group a chance to make first impressions as well as gather them.

Marlene smiled, shaking Kingsley's hand and introducing herself. Already she could tell he'd be excellent to bring into the Order. Yes, yes, even after she complained that they shouldn't be bringing any new people in.

Gideon knew him, though they weren't exactly friends, due to working in different departments, Gideon had always thought highly of him as evidenced by his smile and hand shake. He nodded at Hestia, giving his approval.

Fabian nodded to him though stood. "I'm really sorry, but I think I'm going to head home early. You all will do great without me for the last half, yeah?" He grinned to Kingsley. "Wonderful to meet you mate, even though you scared me off. Only kidding."

Gideon looked up at his brother, worriedly and then stood as well. "Is it okay if I stop by after we get done with drinks?" He asked, walking far enough away from the group before voicing his question.

Marlene even looked concerned as she watched the two bothers walk away. It wasn't like Fabian to leave so early. He was usually the last to leave...

"Yeah, I suppose so," Fabian said. "May be in the middle of something, either sleep or work, but I wouldn't mind."

Hestia looked after then curiously and then smiled over at Kingsley. "Poor lad has been working too hard I guess," she said lightly, though her eyes conveyed heavier things.

Gideon simply nodded and then moved back into the room. "Well where were we!?"

"Moving on to a new topic, perhaps?" Marlene offered.
Hestia looked at Gideon first and saw approval in his eyes, she took Fabian's retreat and his comment before to be approval as well and though she wasn't sure what Marlene thought, she figured it would be best to wait until tomorrow, give everyone time to sleep on the idea of him being an addition.

The meeting was officially over, and after some polite conversation Kingsley left as did Marley after another cup of tea and casual conversation. Hestia stood in the door watching them go, her smile falling into a thoughtful expression. They were getting somewhere, but she felt they were only scratching the surface.
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