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September 5th, 1978 - RP

They made all the correct turns, crossed the right streets, and made it to the small squat building just as the sun was starting to set. "Wait, do we..go in? Or wait out here?" Jackson aske,d not fully comfortable with going INSIDE.

Daniel looked at him, and blinked, not expecting him to get weird about something like this. Looking down for a moment to think, his eyes fell on the bottom of the jacket, and he realized that they didn't exactly look like they belonged there. He looked back up at Jackson, and then eyed a couple students coming out who gave them strange looks. Hmm.. well, he knew he could pass for a teenager sometimes, and he DID always wear a t-shirt as an undershirt because sometimes the fabrics that their suit jackets came in affected him oddly if he wore them for too long... Making a decision, Daniel reached out and grabbed at Jackson's wrist, tugging him along as he pulled him away from the entrance and into a more shadowy area. Holding up one finger, he then tugged off his jacket and held it out to his friend, as if expecting him to take it, extracting a small notebook and pen first from the inside pocket.

Jackson took it, pressing himself flat against the wall. "You saw her?" he hissed and peered around the corner. He saw a red haired girl and a girl with a shaved head milling about. "Nah, neither." He looked back.

Motioning for Jackson to come closer, Daniel waited until he'd leaned down enough, and then leaned in to speak in his ear, a low rasp as he mumbled, "I'll go in... ask for her... pretend I'm a friend? Maybe?"

Jackson snorted softly. "Sounding like that, I'm sure they'll believe you," he stated. He stood back and nodded. "You go, I'll wait here, ready in case she comes out."

Daniel smiled, even as spots of colour appeared in his cheeks again, and he shook the notebook and pen at him, then pressed his long fingers to his throat again and said, "That's why I have this. Pretend I'm.. mute. Worked before." With a wink and a grin, he unbuttoned the long sleeved button up shirt he wore, and tugged the bottom out of the waistband of his slacks so he looked a little more like a teen instead of an adult in a teen's body, and then ran his fingers through his hair a couple times to make it flop down in his eyes more - he had seen many teens with similar hairstyles lately. Nodding at Jackson, he then grinned again and stepped out, the notebook and pen clenched casually in one hand as he passed a couple kids and stepped into the building, looking around for some place where a clerk or something might be.

Inside the building, which was two floors, an old house turned into student living spaces, a fat middle aged woman sat behind a counter speaking angrily and quickly in french on an old fashioned telephone. She ignored the newcomer, and continued to smoke her cigarette and speak into the mouth piece. Just as Daniel entered, another young man, a good couple of years younger but slightly taller came by and leaned his elbow on the counter. "Marjorie? Have you any post?" The bespectacled young man, no more than 18 or 19 with a dignified British accent asked, pointing to the overloaded mail boxes behind her. He wore a bright Hawaiian shirt, slacks, and also carried a newspaper, the same one Jackson had had earlier, which was a telltale sign of what sort of person this bloke was.

He drummed his fingers like a piano on the counter and glanced at the new person. "She's a bit gossipy, but a good sport," he told him and glanced back at 'Marjorie.'

Oh good God. Another wizard. Taking this time to study the man, Daniel came up slowly to the counter, sneaking glances every couple seconds as he waited for the annoyingly gabby woman on the phone to shut the hell up and do her job. He tried to make it seem like he was just a kid curious about the man in the tacky touristy shirt.

Frank looked amused, and then shrugged. "Are you new, pal? One of the Armenian students? Your friends checked in about an hour ago, headed up the hill to the museum." He told him and slid the paper under his arm and nodded "good bye" before turning to go back down the hall to the back steps.

At the bottom of the steps, a dark haired female, whose face was hidden by shadows of the cramped hallway, seemed to be waiting for him. She seemed to speak to him, but he simply patted her arm and motioned for them to go upstairs.

Daniel's eyes widened at that, and even had he been able to speak, he wouldn't have been able to think of anything to say to that anyway. His eyes narrowed at being blown off by this man so quickly, even though he had had no intention of talking to him. Turning back to Marjorie, he banged on the desk a bit to try and get her attention, then frowned and glanced back towards the two people down the hallway. He couldn't get a good look at the girl...

Marjorie put the phone down, blew smoke out at him. "Vat?"

He looked back quickly, affecting a surprised look, and then motioned for her to come over, putting on a pleading look as he tried to motion that he couldn't speak, holding up his notebook to show her.

Marjorie came closer and tilted her head, looking somewhat sensitive to him. "Ah, you cant speak. Poor thing," she cooed.

Giving her a seemingly grateful, and shy smile, he then wrote down quickly in easy to read hand writing, "I'm looking for a friend, she said she was staying here for a bit. Can you help me?"

Frank had altogether disappeared upstairs, closing door number 5 tightly and locking it. He handed the paper to her, whoever she was, and explained that no letter had come.

Marjorie clucked her tongue and stroked the 'teen's' smooth cheek with her fat pudgy ringed fingers. "Oui! Marjorie help, yes? Who es Mademoiselle?" She pulled out a book, a sign in book with room numbers.

Jackson, who was getting antsy outside, pulled out a fag and started to smoke it as he paced the outside of the building.

Daniel forced himself to give the woman his most charming smile, making a strong effort to not shudder at feeling her fat fingers on his cheek, and quickly wrote down two words: "Corinna Blackwell??"

"Ahh... hmmm..." she started to look when the phone rang. "Just a meenute!" She sang and moved over to the phone, leaving the open book. "Oui!? Ah..... oui!" She started ot fan herself, as if her lover were on the phone, ignoring the counter.

Making a conscious effort to not scrub at his cheek, Daniel kept an eye on the woman as he reached for the book, carefully turning it around so it didn't make any noise, and lowered his eyes to the register to quickly scan the names listed. While doing that, he thought to himself, 'Woman, if you ever touch me again, I will take great pleasure in cutting off your fat fingers and force feeding them to you before I kill you."

"..noooo.. noooo! That's hooreeble!" Marjorie cooed, breathless into the phone.

In the small cramped room, Corinna sat on the edge of the cot, staring at the paper. "Frank... what does this mean?" She asked, looking up at him, her green eyes dull yet wide.

"It means... it means a lot of things. But without that.. THING, that's all they are limited too. I know that much," he stated as he cleaned his glasses.

As he scanned the names, one last name immediately jumped out at him. Daniel didn't see the name Blackwell anywhere - and flipping to the next page, he saw that it wasn't that full - but the name Macnair. THAT was instantly recognizable as one of the idiots they'd dealt with in Niagara Falls, and he vaguely recognized the name Amara, too. That was her, no doubt about it. In room... 5. Good, now to go get Jackson and go get her. Glancing up, Daniel then moved the book back as close to where it had been as he remembered, and then left quietly, going over to Jackson and lightly smacked his arm as he furiously scrubbed the sleeve of his shirt against his cheek, making a disgusted face.

Jackson puffed smoke out without thinking. "Sorry," he mumbled and waived his hand to get rid of the smoke, knowing Daniel neither liked nor cared for it.

"Frank, how do you know for sure that's what it is?" Corinna asked. "WHO told you?"

Daniel breathed out a sigh of relief, both at Jackson's actions, and the fact that he could no longer feel the sensation of fat on his skin. Giving one last scrub for good measure, he then looked up at Jackson and slowly smiled, giving him a thumbs up, as if to say, "Got her."

Frank glanced at her half packed suitcase. "I told you, its something the Aurors have known about for a while." He chewed the inside of his lip, not wanting to say anymore. "Look, let's finish packing your things, love. Hopefully we can still make use of this plane ticket I still have." Like a dummy, Frank hadn't brought enough money to buy all new tickets, and hoped he could trade his in for train tickets or boat tickets.

Jackson stared at him. "You're fucking pulling my chain. Green eyes, hair?" He asked, flicking his cigarette away, making sure it was far away from where Daniel stood.

Daniel shook his head, and then brought his fingers up to his throat, saying softly, "Register. Different name. Knew it right away - her mother's name." Coughing a bit, he held his hand to his throat and grimaced. Yes, this was one of those times he really wished he had been able to get his throat healed up some way before now. His throat hurt already. Probably partly because of the residual smoke that he could smell on his friend.

Jackson looked pained. "You're getting that fixed." He told him and then started for the hostel, but not before handing Daniel his jacket.

Corinna, reluctant to do anything, having grown more and more depressed and used to the dark surroundings, let out a long sigh and put some clothes slowly into her bag.

Frank watched her, worried. "I'll get you home, I promise." Frank told her and gave her a half hug with one arm before going ot toss his own belongings into his own satchel from the floor he slept on.

Biting his lip, Daniel looked down as he pulled his jacket on, then grabbed at Jackson's arm, though he ended up grabbing his hand due to his friend's movement. Without saying anything, he tilted his head back towards the alley, and pointed to himself, the the alley, as if to say he'd go around the back.

Jackson breathed out and seemed to be sizing up the building. "She better not make this hard, I want to do nothing but drink tonight," he moved away, his hand releasing Daniel's. He motioned his wand for Daniel to go around back and started for the front. "I HATE teenagers," he hissed.

At that, Daniel smirked a bit, keeping his thoughts private on that out of habit. He started to go back down the now completely dark alley, not even pulling his wand to light the way in case he was discovered. He'd almost made it around the back when he noticed a small dot of orangey light bobbing up and down and occasionally flaring up a bit at the far end of the alley way - and he smelled it, wafting towards him as he got closer. Marijuana. Ugh...

Frank seemed to get impatient with her snail's pace and started chucking her things into her bag. "Sorry, but we have a schedule to meet, and I want to check with Marjorie to see if Severus's letter made it." He told her.

"He.. he wrote again!?" Corinna asked, looking shocked as she all but stopped packing.

"Pack and talk, pack and talk!" Frank told her, pulling his bag on his shoulders.

Jackson strolled in, and was about to step into t he hallway when the fat lady cleared her throat and ordered him to stop. "Dis is private propertee. You haf a reservation?" She demanded, not liking non students in this place. Too many police seemed to think she harboured illegal activities here.

Jackson stared at her. "Yes, in my pocket.." he said and pulled out his wand, and pointed it at her.

"AYEE! No! Nun! Git OUT!" she cried, but her voice went silent as after a quick flash of green light, her large body fell back onto her chair, her head falling against her chest so she looked asleep.

Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Daniel hung back a bit, squinting to try and see how many people were down there. It seemed to be only one, which meant that he'd either have to brave the smoke, or wait until the person finished and went back inside, or whatever. He made a quick decision, knowing he didn't necessarily have the time to waste waiting for buddy to finish killing his lungs, and marched deliberately right down the alleyway and paste the delinquent, pulling his wand and using a wordless charm to cause a quick flash of light to illuminate the area. Once he saw that it was just some punk kid, he aimed the wand, and in the last remaining nanoseconds of the flash, had cast another spell, a flash of green light shooting from his wand to the girl, who didn't even have a chance to cry out before tumbling to the ground in a lifeless heap. Daniel saw the joint spill from her fingers, and immediately stepped on it, crushing it beneath his boots before continuing on out to catch sight of the back steps.

A sound outside in the alley way made Frank move over to the window. He separated the old blinds just as a green light illuminated and disappeared. He saw the girl tumble down to the ground and Frank's eyes widened. He then caught a quick glance at someone in white, and he snapped the blinds closed. "Corinna! MOVE! NOW!" He called and yanked for her arm, grabbing her bag and shoving it at her.

Corinna didn't ask, but let herself be pushed out of the door. "What did you-"

"If you don't want to DIE, i suggest you move faster!" Longbottom hissed to her and grabbed her arm to pull her down the back steps.

Jackson walked into the hallway just as he heard s door bang open from above. He looked up, illuminating his wand. He saw a dark haired girl and a fair haired boy running to the steps. "AH HA!" He yelled, sending a hex flying at them.

Corinna felt it sting her shoulder as it whizzed by. "FRANK!" She hollered and pulled him away from the steps and they ducked down.

Frank hit his head on the wall, and groaned a little. "Jesus..." he mumbled.

Daniel was already moving quickly towards the back door after that little bit of fun, thinking he heard some yelling from inside of the building. He ran up the steps, casting a quick Illusion spell to change his features into something more grown up (not that it would be as noticeable in the dimness of the hallways, and it wasn't that different really) before running around to the hallway Jackson and the other two were in.

Jackson spotted him and held up his hand for him to stop. He then pointed upwards and to his lips, as if to be quiet. he then let his wand light go out.

Daniel nodded only seconds before the light had gone out, and still he saw Jackson at the other end of the hallway. These damn white jackets... he'd always hated them. But then, it kind of made him feel ghostly. Angelic. Like he couldn't be touched. So that was a good thing. Holding his breath, and his position, he awaited Jackson's signal to move, already guessing which one his friend would use.

Corinna let out a breath and pushed away from Frank. "I know a spell..." she whispered. "Its a fire spell. I read about it."

"This isn't a time for experiments. You just.... stay alive and follow me," Frank whispered back and moved, slowly, on his knees and hands towards the end of the upper hallway to the back window. He thought there was a fire escape there.

Jackson turned and started up the stairs, and randomly shot out a few green shots of light, not aiming for anything. He signalled for Daniel to go back to the back, as he was going to corral them.

Without doing anything at all to give away his position, Daniel quietly crept back down the hallway, heading the way he'd come as he moved into position to catch them up.

Frank pulled Corinna along until they made it to the back window. Frank hit it with a spell to open. A flash of green light shot close by, and he panicked. "OUT!" He hissed and tried to get her to go through the window first.

Taking off his jacket, Daniel stashed it right near a ladder that seemed to be a fire escape - and was directly beneath the window correlating to the hallway the girl they were after was in. Lucky he was wearing all black now - lucky he had decided to dye his hair back to a dark colour on coming to Paris, or he would have been spotted. He pressed himself to the wall right beside the ladder, keeping his eyes peeled upwards as he waited as patiently as he could.

Corinna ducked her head down and pushed one stocking leg out of the window, and then pulled the rest of her out onto the rusted creaking fire escape landing.

"Frank," she hissed,a nd reached in to grab him. She dug out her wand and mumbled something, and a medium sized ball of flames shot out from her wand and sped into the darkness, bumping off of walls.

Jackson launched himself against the wall as a flame THING came right at him, clipping his shirt sleeve. "Fuck.." he hissed, and waved his smoking arm.

He shot the instant death curse again, the beam hitting an old painting, which fell to the floor with a crash.

Frank scrambled out with her, the fire escape creaked under the weight, having not been used in years. Frank wrapped his arms around her. "I got you," he cried, and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to pin point exactly where he wanted to apparate them too.

Staring upwards, Daniel squinted, confused as to why the two of them weren't climbing down the ladder. What in the bloody hell was going o- he wasn't going to try that instant disapparition, or apparition, or whatever thing, was he? Oh HELL no. Without even hesitating, Daniel aimed his wand up at them, and heedless of who it hit first, fired off a couple stunning spells in rapid succession.

Corinna screamed just then, and Frank immediately turned his body and shot some spells back, and then shouting something and the two disappeared with a small pop. Just then, the entire iron works of the fire escape became un hinged and collapsed, creating a large amount of noise as it fell two stories.

Jackson's head, marked with a bleeding scar along his right eyebrow, appeared from the same window. He saw that and screamed. "FUCK!" And slammed his hands down on the window sill.

Eyes going wide at that, Daniel quickly scurried aside, trying to get out from under the collapsing structure. Unfortunately, he wasn't QUITE quick enough, and while he managed to escape any major damage he would have taken, he didn't escape getting scraped up quite a bit, mostly on his back and legs, by flailing iron. A pained, high pitched sound tore itself from his throat at the first deep scrape, though after that he only whimpered, pulling himself away from the wreckage and huddling against the wall as he shivered, wishing he could will the pain away.

"DANIEL!" Jackson shouted out the same instant the structure collapsed. His head disappeared and he emerged a moment later, rushing out towards the courtyard, tripping over a piece of railing.

Jackson, catching himself, ran to the far wall where he caught a huddled thin figure that was Daniel by the shoulders and slid his hands down to hold him up by his arms. "Daniel," he breathed, his chest heaving. Blood dripped slowly from his cut forehead onto his white sleeves.

Daniel didn't even respond. He was too preoccupied with trying not to hyperventilate, feeling every little scratch and scrape and gouge bleeding on his back and legs. His t-shirt was soaked already and the button up he wore was slowly becoming the same way, already sticking unpleasantly to his back, and the backs of the slacks he wore were starting to feel disgustingly slick, too. A moment later, almost as if it were a VERY delayed reaction, he reached to weakly grip at Jackson's arms, but that half assed attempt failed, and he couldn't even speak to tell him what was wrong. How the hell had this gone wrong??

Jackson tried to pull him from the wall, but the man wouldn't move. He paused and grit his teeth, like a grimace. "FOCUS," he hissed. He snapped his fingers, trying to draw Daniel's attention. Most times it worked but Daniel's eyes were rolling everywhere. "You don't feel any pain, you don't feel any pain," Jackson told him, his voice wavering but he tried to keep steady. He placed his fingertips on Daniel's face, a thumb on his cheek, two fingers on his forehead, another on his lips. "I will take your pain," he breathed, closing his eyes. He squeezed them shut. "Paris said it would WORK!"

Daniel could feel his body starting to shake, probably from the shock, but he felt strangely numb and detached now, like it wasn't HIM feeling the pain, but something else. He watched that something else open his eyes, weakly trying to focus on Jackson's face, on the feeling of fingertips against his face, soothing, even if the tone of voice wasn't. He felt his body take a shuddering breath, and another, and found himself crying out soundlessly, angrily, about not being able to communicate. That was the big sore point for him.

Jackson felt Daniel fidget, and opened his eyes slightly. Daniel's mouth was open, gaping, and his eyes were rolled back. He squeezed his own eyes shut and moved his arm to hug the man to him, keeping his fingers pressed hard against his face. "That's right... let it take your pain away." He breathed half in Daniel's ear.

Daniel found himself thinking numbly, 'Oh God, I'm going to die. I don't want to die, please don't let me DIE, nonoNO-' and almost immediately, that numb, calm feeling came over him completely, his whole body going still and he let out a long sighing breath. It was an eerie feeling, because he could feel that his body wasn't moving, or taking a breath for a long moment before something else seemed to take over, drawing a deep breath for him and gripping weakly at Jackson's arms again as it tried to pull his body up carefully into the other man's arms more. He marvelled at this, wondering if maybe God had sent an actual angel to keep him alive for now, and he wanted to shout at Jackson to get him to someone who could heal him up quickly - and immediately, the other... entity was using the little strength it leant to bring fingers up to his throat and rasp out a weak, "Get me... to... healer, Jack.. please."

Jackson didn't know any healer, but he did immediately think of Paris. "Yes.." He said quietly and pressed Daniel to him as he focused now on the scrawny hotel they all stayed at and apparated both of them, disappearing in a small pop. They resolidified in their shared hotel room, and Jackson immediately shuffled Daniel down to lay on the bed, not once removing his hand from his face. "PARIS!" He yelled, loud into the thin wall separating rooms. "PARIIIIIS!" He screamed, and moved his other hand, which was dirt covered and scabbed already and pounded his fist on the wall.

Paris was instantly there by his side, having moved too fast for normal human eyes to see, and had started to say in an annoyed voice, "You're late and now you're yel- dear sweet Jesus, what happened to him?!" The smell of blood was making feel light headed and heady with hunger, but he also smelled the distinct odour of infection causing bacteria and particles, and he pulled back, hissing, "Fucking hell, he's going to die if that's not treated!" Practically flying out of the room, he ran to find anything to do with first aid that he could, knowing quite a bit about it from his mother. Finally, he was able to find what he needed and rushed back up to the room.

Jackson kneeled down by the bed, pressing his fingers against Daniel's face, making marks in his skin but didn't care. His forehead had long started to clot, and his sleeve smell liked smouldering linen. He was only a quarter of scratched up as Daniel. "How the fuck do TEENAGERS do this to us?" He growled, and then turned to Daniel. "Okay.. its going to be fine." He smoothed his shirt down with his other hand. "Take away his pain," he squeezed his eyes shut, chanting it. "Take away his pain, take it away... PARIS! PARRIIIS!" He screamed over his shoulder. "HE'S NOT MOVING!"

While he was gone, Daniel had already practically become sluggish in the warmth of the hotel room. The lacerations were starting to feel hot to him, and while his mind gibbered fearfully, that other entity that seemed to be in control of his body merely lay there, not moving, and barely breathing, conserving the little energy his body had for something else.

"Daniel.... I'm not fucking ready for you to die," Jackson stated without thinking, in a hissing voice as he was starting to be overcome by all of it. It had been like this before, but he never took this long to respond. "PARIS! FUCKING HURRY!" He screamed, letting himself sound scared.

"Relax, move away from him, I need to turn him over and clean out his wounds - tell me what happened, Jackson," Paris said as calmly as he could as he stepped back in and shut and locked the door. Pushing Jackson away from the man on the bed, Paris first ripped both shirts open, peeling them back from the front of Daniel's body before carefully lifting the man and turning him over on the bed.

Jackson sat down on the opposite twin bed, and calmly started to tell Paris from beginning to end, of the hostel, of there being a man and a woman, but he described them as much older than they probably were. When he got to their escape, he seemed somewhat dumbfounded. He then explained how the rusty iron fire escape fell. "And then I found him by the wall. Looking like... that."

"Our employer has tricked us into engaging an enemy, not finding some helpless twat," Jackson concluded. "There is no way she could put up such a fight. And for what purpose?"

During the entire explanation, Paris had been paying very little attention, instead focusing on peeling away the bloody clothes and cleaning the gouges and scrapes all over Daniel's back, and making sure there was enough medicated disinfectant to treat every wound. Especially on hearing that Daniel had been scraped up by RUSTY iron. He paused, and interrupted Jackson at that before he could say anymore. "I'm going to have to take off his trousers. If you could help me, by making sure that he doesn't fall asleep?"

Jackson made a funny look, having never personally seen Daniel in nothing, and then made a small cough. "Yes," he said and moved over, kneeling down on the bed where Daniel was on his stomach. "Daniel," Jackson said, using an authoritative voice. "Daniel, talk to me."

"I think that may be a little hard for him to do, considering, he may need all his energy to just let his body heal this up for him," Paris said, already tugging the trousers off of the small man on the bed and surveying the damage. Not as bad as his back in most places, but still. "Maybe help him out a bit?"

"I thought you told me to keep him awake!" Jackson stated, and slowly stood. He paused, making a funny stare at seeing Daniel in partial boxers, partial trousers. "You want me to get him.. naked??"

"How does he usually make it so he can talk? He's breathing, he's awake, he just can't move," Paris explained, trying to hint, managing to get one pant leg off completely. "His body is conserving energy."

Jackson tried to say something and then moved to yank the other trouser leg off. He stared at Paris. "I'm not a fucking queer, so shut up." he snapped.

Daniel felt his head move slightly at that, turning his head very slowly and slightly to expose the mangled part of his neck where the scarf had slipped down. He couldn't help but feel horribly hurt by Jackson's words, what he could understand of them, and at that point, he just couldn't bear it any more, letting go of consciousness - so far as he knew, anyway. His eyes still stared up at his friend, devoid of any emotion whatsoever as he breathed in and out, working his mouth as if he wanted to speak.

"You idiot, when did I say anything about you being queer? TALK to your friend! Help him talk! You've seen what he does, just keep your fingers to his throat, or make sure that his are, and he'll be able to talk!" Paris almost yelled, so angry by Jackson's ignorance that he failed to sense the subtle shift in emotional output from Daniel. "Look, he even wants to say something! I need him conscious, or he may die!" With that, he began his work on the backs of Daniel's legs.

Jackson, actually floored by Paris's ability, volume, and sheer ballsiness to talk back to him made Jackson back off. He moved and kneeled down by Daniel and, his fingers shaking slightly, pressed them to the scarred and soft flesh on his punctured neck. "Speak, please.." He said softly, and narrowed his eyes, and then opened them wider, hopefully.

At that, Daniel (or whoever it was) took in a slow, relieved breath and closed his eyes, rasping out quietly, "Guess that will... teach me to... stand under... broken fire escape... Am I going to die?"

Jackson sniffed hard just then, not wanting to betray his own emotions. "Yes, fucking idiotic, standing under broken fire escapes." He answered him, not knowing the difference between multiple personalities or auras. He simply knew it was Daniel, his partner, his best friend, his brother in arms. "No, not today. Remember that gypsy woman predicted I'd kill you by my own hands?" He forced a chuckle.

"Or Paris here will suck your blood dry if you're a prat," he forced a joke, making only himself feel better, and shot a look at Paris.

Paris rolled his eyes, and muttered something under his breath about poison and 'not his cup of tea' and kept working, checking up on the man's back to make sure the wounds had clotted - and to his relief, they had. And luckily, he was nearly done with the ones on the backs of Daniel's legs. "You really did a number on yourself," he said softly to Daniel's back as he starting dressing the wounds as well he could with gauze.

"Daniel..." Jackson said, almost in a warning tone to snap his attention back.

"... What? You afraid for... ME?" Daniel said after a long moment, eyes still closed as he took a deep sighing breath. His voice sounded slightly... different than it usually did. Eerily calm, soft even through the rasp, and almost.... affectionate? Maybe, maybe not.

Jackson paled, and moved his gaze to Paris. "That doesn't sound like him," he said in a hushed voice. He then wet his bottom lip and spoke directly to Paris again. "I'm.. concerned. I will make those two suffer for this," he stated, feeling a lump in his throat.

It was probably a good thing he hadn't spoken loud enough for the person laying on the bed to hear. Because that would have just made him angry. As it was, he actually found himself coughing slightly as it felt like there was something tickling the back of his throat.

Paris hadn't heard any difference, and just looked at Jackson strangely. "What...?"

Jackson gave Paris another long look. "If you cure him, I'll give you what you want," he told Paris, attempting to negotiate.

Jackson felt Daniel cough, and started to pull his fingers back. "DANIEL, wake up," he ordered, speaking loudly, as he noticed Daniel's eyes start to close.

"I'm ...." His eyes seemed to roll up in the back of his head, and there was a sound that was very similar to, if not ACTUALLY, Daniel's snores a moment later.

"NO!" Jackson screamed out, and grabbed Daniel's arm. "WAKE UP!" He panicked.

"Wake him the fuck up, NOW!" Paris commanded, eyes going wide,and he stood up quickly, ready to go get changed and run down to the store or a cafe and get some coffee or something for him. And some food.

Jackson pressed his knee to the side of the mattress, and literally shook Daniel. When that didn't work, he threw his arm back and slapped Daniel across the cheek, leaving a red mark.

Daniel's body didn't move except when he was shook, until a sharp sting penetrated the darkness that was Daniel's consciousness, and he cried out, all the pain coming right back full force as his eyes flew open. He stared wide eyed up to see Jackson looming over him, and found himself squeezing his eyes shut, pain of a different kind coursing through him now, and he started to shiver again, whimpering a bit. He'd never been in this much pain before, and it wasn't even bad anymore.

Jackson breathed out hard, his bottom jaw protruding out as he held Daniel up. "I'm sorry," he breathed, and wiped his fingers across Daniel's damp black hair. "Speak to me." He commanded. He looked back to see Paris start to move back for the door. Jackson held his wand out in an instant, pointing at him. "Is he healed!?" He growled, a desperate look in his eyes as his wand shook.

"He needs food, idiot, don't you know anything ABOUT healing?" Paris retorted, overly shaken by this and surprised at his own reactions. Without a word, he unlocked the door and started to pull it open.

Jackson's chest heaved, and he opened his hand, causing his wand to drop to the ground.

"Thank you," Jackson stated, and then turned to stare at Daniel, letting his gaze wander over him, seeing bruises and cuts that made his stomach turn.

Daniel shivered and shook, eyes wide and staring down at Jackson's still slightly outstretched hand, feeling over all confused about what had gone wrong, and why Jackson had made those comments and then was turning around and holding him to him like this. It was enough to make him want to cry, and it didn't help that every time he moved, his back and legs stung from numerous cuts. He brought one hand up weakly, trying to lift it so he could speak, his fear and frustration multiplying each time. He wouldn't, though - no, COULDN'T - let himself cry.

Jackson glared as paris disappeared out the door, and then looked back at Daniel. "What?" he asked, and then pressed two fingers to his neck, ignoring the softness of the open skin and the flap it created, and the darkness of the hole. "What?" He asked again, feeling tired and overwhelmed.

A feeling of gratitude swept through him at that, and he closed his eyes again, speaking through the rasp, a barely restrained quaver to his voice that was uncharacteristic, but understandable, considering what he'd gone through, as he said quietly, "Y-you... you saved my life... you and.. Paris.."

Jackson held his chin up, sniffed slightly. "You were damaged during battle," he stated, not sure how to vocalize what emotions he was having. He sat back, sighing out, leaning back against the wall, Daniel leaning on his chest as he kept his arm around him. "You fucking scared the shit out of me, you and.. you sounded so weird." He rambled, glancing downwards and eyes widening, seeing Daniel was in.. and only in.. boxers.

Sniffling a bit himself, Daniel didn't really notice his state of undress, nor would he have cared at the moment. He was just glad to be alive, glad that someone had cared about him enough to want to keep him alive. "When did I... sound weird?" he asked, throat starting to hurt again from speaking. Closing his eyes a bit as he just let himself lean heavily against his friend, Daniel said quietly, "Thanks Jacks... Jackson."

Jackson arched his eyebrows. "Doesn't matter. Paris is bringing you food." He attempted to lean forward to grab the sheet to cover him.

His head fell back slightly, and Daniel found himself looking up at Jackson through eyes that were heavy lidded from pain and exhaustion, though the pain itself was starting to fade to a dull throbbing ache. Since he couldn't speak at moment, he didn't speak his gratitude for the blanket (he'd been starting to get a bit cold), though he couldn't help, as sometimes had happened when he looked at Jackson lately... he couldn't help but want to kiss him, but mostly at the moment just snuggle against him and feel safe. It felt good to have someone to turn to right now, even if Jackson obviously only thought of women that way.

Jackson managed to slip his arm out from under Daniel, and laid him back against the pillow, pulling the blanket and sheet up on him. He then ripped the blanket from his own bed and laid it on it. Not satisfied, he pulled out his cloak and bunched it up, putting it under Daniel's head. He sat on the edge of the bed, shifting so he be more parallel to Daniel, putting a leg up on the bed over the blankets. He sighed out and picked at his burnt sleeve. "I hate this mission," he told Daniel.

Jackson managed to slip his arm out from under Daniel, and laid him back against the pillow, pulling the blanket and sheet up on him. He then ripped the blanket from his own bed and laid it on it. Not satisfied, he pulled out his cloak and bunched it up, putting it under Daniel's head. He sat on the edge of the bed, shifting so he be more parallel to Daniel, putting a leg up on the bed over the blankets. He sighed out and picked at his burnt sleeve. "I hate this mission," he told Daniel.

It had to be his brush with death, because otherwise Daniel wouldn't have bothered to be disappointed to have someone pull away from him - in fact, if it had been any other situation, or any other person, he probably just would have gone after what he wanted long before now. But for now, Daniel just settled gingerly back against the bed, watching Jackson curiously as he started acting possibly self conscious.

Jackson stared at the door, watching and waiting for Paris to return, not knowing how long it might be. He heaved a sigh and glanced over, catching Daniel watching him. His eyebrows arched up, as if expecting his partner to express some sort of thought or command to him.

He didn't even flinch or react in any way except to tilt his head as he continued to watch his friend. The expression on Daniel's face was the one he usually wore when deep in thought, or just Curious about something. And he really wasn't even aware of it.

Jackson grew concerned, and it registered on his face. "Damn you, I can't tell what you're thinking," he muttered loud enough for both to hear. "But I'll have you know, she escaped with some stealthy wizard. He burned my sleeve." And with that Jackson held up his arm, his badly smudged white linen shirt was burned at the sleeve. "Nearly took my hand with it." He held up his hand, palm towards Daniel, to show his skin was burned in some areas, but not badly.

Daniel's gaze shifted to take in the sight of Jackson's hand, and the burnt sleeve, though he found that he could half focus on it. Reaching out weakly, he gripped his fingers weakly around Jackson's hand, a bit awkwardly, and pulled it more towards him so he could study the burns. He ran fingertips lightly over the skin, eyes drifting in and out of focus now as he found himself wanting to sleep.

Jackson's cheek twitched, but he let his arm go limp as Daniel held it. He also made a small funny breath at feeling Daniel's fingers ran over his skin, either from Daniel's hands being cold, his own skin being sensitive, or a combination of all or something else. "This is nothing compared to how your back looked," he added and then turned his hand over so his palm pressed down on Daniel's fingers.

With a small sigh, Daniel closed his eyes, a pained expression crossing his face as if something were bothering him right then. In reality, there WAS, but it was more the fact that his emotions and physical triggers for everything were so out of whack. He didn't pull his hand away from Jackson's grip as he shifted as much as he could onto his side so that his back wasn't stinging from all the cuts.

Jackson felt Daniel move, and didn't even flinch as he actually moved closer to him, practically hugging his hand and arm. Jackson get a determined look. "I'm going to find him. And I'm going to kill him, this.. whoever he is." He told Daniel, thinking of this great wizard who managed to thwart them. "You sleep now. Regain your strength."
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