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Tuesday, September 6, 1978

8:55 am

Frank Longbottom walked at a suitable pace as he moved down the hallway and then turned the corner (right) to head towards one of many classrooms this section of the Ministry had. He glanced at his watch, his eyebrows went up slightly as he tried to read it, and then squinted. For someone who was far sighted, Frank only really wore his glasses when reading, or to look sexy for the sexy sexy ladies. He paused at a relfective window of someone's empty office and admired his reflection, sweeping his hand through his longish hair, making the bangs sweep back and stick up a little more. He then licked his fingertip and thumb and swept them across his eyebrows.

"Oh yeeeahh..." he then pointed his fingers like a gun at the window. "Cool!" He said, using, again, that new phrase he picked up from the students in France. That was, before they were attacked, and one died. Frank tilted his head and stared off at a space on the wall as he let his mind wander back, reliving only seconds of that event before he was snapped back into reality.

It was...well Frank didn't know his name. He was an old old old bearded man with a slouch who cleaned the hallways, in charge of the house-elves that helped maintain order in the depths of the Ministry.

"Well, aren't we all spiffy and purty today, Nancy." The old man said, his long white beard dangling to the floor and he laughed a hissing laugh because he lacked teeth.

"My name's Frank-" Frank stated for probably the hundreth time since he started at the Ministry.

"Nancy. What a pretty name. I see your boobies have almost grown in," and the old man took a sweeping look at Frank's chest and then made another hissing throaty laugh as he moved down the hallway. Frank, in the meantime, has consciously grabbed the edges of his work robe and closed them in front, as if protecting his fair-weather chest. He walked away quickly, taking peeking glances down at his front, at his vest and properly done-up tie, at his trousers and semi-scuffed dress shoes. He looked back, eye-balling the old man before yanking open the door of the classroom.

"Sorry sir, the janitor was talking to me and I'm la-" Frank started saying immediatly as he stepped into the room, and then paused. The teacher's desk was empty, and so were the student desks. Even the corner that Ted Tonks sat was vacant, and then Frank noticed the lights were off. "Oookay..." He said outloud, to no one.
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